Friday, December 24, 2010


Happy Birthday to my sweet little angel Easton! I cannot believe how fast the last year has gone by. I really cannot believe that you decided to come out into the world on Christmas Eve. Your grand entrance was super fast and super painful but it was so worth it and I would do over again any day. I cannot wait to see how you grow over the next year, hopefully you don't grow too much your already pretty big for your age. You are such a happy baby and nothing really makes you mad or upset, just when your big brother is mean to you. I love the way you laugh and giggle, it's the cutest sound. I wish you could stay this age forever, soon you will be all grown up. Time really does fly by. I cherish everyday I have with you and brother and I am so thankful I get to stay home everyday with you boys. Even though some days I think I might lose my mind, its so worth it!!!!!

I love you Easton so much and hope you have a great 1st birthday and we will always do our best to make sure you have the best birthday.


Cameron and Easton meeting for the first time.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mommy and daddy love you!

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