Friday, January 21, 2011

Wild Child

Does a 3 year old know how to be quite, do they even know what quite means?

Cameron is so loud and wild. He wakes up Easton all the time. It's a wonder he can even sleep at all with the loud mouth doing laps in the morning.

He is absolutely driving me bonkers! He doesn't listen. He says NO all the time. He throws fits the second we tell him NO or tell him to stop doing something. He screams and yells like it's the end of world. Hits and pushes Easton when Easton does something Cameron doesn't want him to do, like come in his room or play with his toys. I guess it's just his age. We thought he was bad a year ago but it's only getting worse.

And to make it worse he wakes up at 5am every morning and doesn't nap. Well some days he crashes out on the couch or on his bedroom floor, I guess it catches up with him after a few days and most nights he is falling asleep at the dinner table.

OK I am done complaining about my loud crazy child:) Oh and just now as I was finishing this up he started drinking from the apple juice container and split apple juice all over.

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