Thursday, May 26, 2011

Driver's License Picture.

Last week I had to make a trip to DMV to renew my Driver's License since it expired on my birthday. I never updated my address when we moved {4 years ago} so I never received my renewal noticed in the mail. I was totally unprepared to take a new picture. I thought I was going to be able to keep the same one {although I wasn't prepared for a picture that time either, its a better picture than this new one}. 

Last time I was at DMV was about 5 years ago after I got married and needed a license with my new last name and I was told anytime you change your name you HAVE to get a new picture, so last week I thought I was good and didn't have to get a new picture taken. 
At least my hair was down and not pulled back like last time. So, the new license came in the mail Tuesday and it's the worst picture EVER! The dude taking the picture was taking forever and just told me to look at the blue dot. They don't tell you to smile or anything, just look at the blue dot. I was kinda biting my lower lip with a funny expression on my face...... IT'S TERRIBLE!!!! I am not brave enough to post the picture. Can I have a do-over?

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  1. My friend at work just got a new picture taken too. They're zooming in way more than before, at least in hers, so instead of getting your shoulders in there its just your face. I'm dreading getting a new one!


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