Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Shoes

Check out my cute new shoes! I just wish I had more places to wear them. Chasing the boys around the baseball field isn't exactly the best place to wear them. 
I finally made it to DSW, Designer Shoe Warehouse, a couple weeks ago and oh's like a shoe orgy. So many to look at and pick from. By far my new favorite shoe store.  

I tried to find these on their website but it looks like they might be sold out and I couldn't find them online anywhere else either. But I did find some that are very similar, Moda Spana Heloise Wedge Sanda

Coconuts Howell Wedge Sandal 

Do you like?! Aren't they cute?! They are pretty comfy, they left no blisters and I didn't trip or fall down in them which is always a plus;)

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