Thursday, July 21, 2011

Eureka Part 2

If you missed part 1 click here.

After we hung out at the beach for awhile we headed to downtown Arcata {so exciting}, I did find a cute little pair of heart sterling silver stud earrings {which did not break out my ears} because for whatever reason I forgot to put in my earrings when we left the house Tuesday and felt naked without them. We checked out a few shops then headed back to the hotel for the night to hang out and babysit all the baseball players to make sure they were staying out of trouble and also have some much needed drinks.

The boys went in the spa with Daddy and loved it. Cameron had been asking from the very moment we got there if we could go into the spa.

Playing with the moon dough.

So Thursday morning was another 10 o'clock game. So the kids and I drop Ryan off at the field {we hauled around the equipment since we have the truck} and go back to the hotel to finish getting ready and to get Beth {our friend who is married to the head coach}. My plan was to get the kids some hash browns at Carl's Jr. across the street because the morning before we had went to the continental breakfast and the kids just made a huge mess and didn't eat a single thing {they hardly eat anything for breakfast anyway}. So I am paying for the hash browns and I can hear Cameron in the back seat PUKING! He just started to throw up all over himself and his car seat.

Poor guy didn't know what was going on and why he just got sick all over himself. He said he felt fine and wanted to go to the game. Obviously we didn't go. He didn't puke for another couple hours and when he did, he got sick on the bed.......all over the hotel bed......good thing housekeeping was just at the room next door. Then he started feeling crappy. He wanted to be all wrapped up but his body was hot. So when Ryan got back from the game he took the car seat to the car wash and sprayed it off and then we were stuck at the hotel for the rest of the day. All boys kept coming by to see how little Cameron was doing. He slept for the rest of the day waking up to drink and snack on goldfish every now and then.

So Ryan took Easton with him to dinner at Samoa Cookhouse with the team. That's why I wasn't able to get any pictures because my child decided to get sick and I forgot to send the camera with Ryan. We did manage to get him up and moving later that night. We all walked across the street to the store and he seemed to be doing better.

So Friday morning it was time to pack up all our shit and head out. We manage to be on the road at 8:30 {still took forever to get home}. This is the worse drive of my life. My head is turned to the back holding the barf bucket asking him every 5 minutes if he's going to be sick. Well about 2 minutes after I ask him if he's going to be sick he freaking throws up! Only a little got on his shirt because I had the bucket right there. And as we are pulling off on the side of the road he asks, "why are we stopping", it was so cute.
So we manage to make it home without anymore throwing up....thank goodness. And for the next couple days he is sluggish and still not eating for much. We can tell he back to normal because he is the biggest pain in the ass {just doesn't frustrating!}.

So now 2 am Monday morning comes along.......and......guess who is sick now?! Easton.
Puke all over his crib {which he can now climb out of} his blanket, his sheets, just all over, and it was nasty! And now Ryan and are starting to feel crappy also. Easton would puke all morning until about 9am then was just kinda out of it the rest of the day. Meanwhile I feel like my head is going to explode. I felt nauseous {although never did throw up} and crappy all day and I still had to take care of Easton and deal with crazy Cameron.

And yesterday Ryan was throwing up and today he stayed home from work. He is feeling a lot better today, more like recovering from yesterday. So weird. Not sure exactly what is was. At first I thought Cameron drank the spa water or something or he had a bad McChicken from McDonald's, guess it was just a virus he spread on to the rest of us. I just hope we didn't infect anyone else.

Sorry to ramble on and on about throw up. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!

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