Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Favorite Tree.

FINALLY! Our Crape Myrtle trees have bloomed. I am totally obessed with these trees.

I absolutely love them!

They are so pretty! I can see these trees from our bedroom window, kitchen window, and back slider. I just love looking at them. We planted these in our backyard a couple years ago and last year we planted more in the front of our house.

I remember when I first noticed and fell in love with them. A friend of mine {well my mother-in-law's friend but also my friend.....hehehe....Rosalie} has a huge one in right in front of her house. The day I noticed it it was in full bloom. This was like 5 years ago or so and I wanted one ever since.

This year they bloomed kinda late. Usually they start blooming in the spring but I think because our spring weather was so weird they got a late start.

There's Mattie.....keeping cool in the shade.

Oh I just love them! They add so much color to the yard. Especially since we have no flowers in the backyard. With the kids and dog they would never last.

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