Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Summer Concerts.

Over the last month we have been lucky enough to make it to a couple concerts. That means a couple date nights. The concert last week was on Ryan vacation so it was nice to get a babysitter for the night and go out to eat before the show and not have to rush home for bedtime. The concert last month was on a work night so poor Ryan only got about 3 hours or so of sleep.
Last week we went and saw Gretchen Wilson, Big & Rich, and Cowboy Troy. It was an awesome show. The best part was it was a smaller venue so you could see pretty good from every seat. The way they had their play list set up was pretty cool. The kinda went back and forth, Gretchen Wilson would play and sing in their songs and they would do the same with her songs.
And I could definitely people watch there all day long. For sure some interesting looking people;) I almost started taking random pictures of people because it would have made for an awesome post....hahaha.
Sometimes I just can't get over what some people wear. It's mind boggling.

Gretchen Wilson, Big & Rich.

Last month we went to see Sugarland. I LOVE Jennifer Nettles! She is so freaking HOT! Next time I told Ryan we are going in the front row, whether he likes it or not. I order the tickets anyway so I will just surprise him once we get there. Plus it will give me more room to dance...hehehe.  We couldn't see all that great from where we were sitting, eventually we moved and ended up standing (that way I could shake my booty). It was just too far away. But we also saw them a week after that horrible accident in Indiana where a wind storm came and their whole stage collapsed ending in tragedy. So we were thinking they probably didn't have their usual stage set-up that might have had some jumbo tron screens. It was still an awesome show and I would for sure go see them again.


And these pictures were taken with the phone. Oh how I love my new iPhone! And I am loving Instagram. I am totally obsessed with both;)  The last concert we went to before these two was Nickelback and that was last fall so we were over due for a show.
Have you been to any good concerts lately?

Oh and a random question.....Does anyone have the upgraded Picnik? And is it worth getting?


  1. Yes, another sugarland lover! What a great picture. We just went to the maroon5/train concert. Loved it!

  2. I love her too and yes, she is hot!!

  3. Love your site!! I also have two crazy boys:)
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