Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This and That.

Well folks I am still around. I know it's been awhile but HEY what can I say. We got all moved out of our house a couple weeks ago and are staying with my MIL until her rental is ready for us, which could be as early as Saturday but most likely won't be until Monday. So yes that means we will be moving again. Things are going okay here. We are so lucky to have such wonderful family. We have stuff stored in a storage unit, which is packed full and then stuff at my grandma's and brother-in-laws house. And then of course stuff stored here with us. We can't wait to move and get things back to normal before the baby arrives.

We did finally get a new computer. Thank goodness. I do mostly everything on my phone now because the old computer was running soooooo slow and freezes up, especially when I am trying to write post or comment on all your lovelies blogs;) the new one isn't up and running yet. We are making some adjustments to it:) I have some pictures and things to share but I am waiting for the new computer because I don't have the patience to deal with the old one anymore.

As I am writing this from my phone laying in bed the little wiggly guy in my tummy won't be still. I would love to see what he is doing in there. I am 23 weeks pregnant this week and so far I am feeling pretty good. Of course the boys drive me crazy by the end of the day but it's all good when I wake in the mornings fresh ready to go again. Last week I had to go in for another ultrasound because my amniotic fluid was low and during the appointment the Nurse tried to confirm that he is a boy but she could not. She couldn't see any thing, no boy or girl parts. Well my fluid level did go up a little so right now it's good. So just to confirm we are having another little boy we are going to have a 3D ultrasound done in about 3 weeks. I figure this is the last little baby for us do why not go out with a bang and do the 3D ultrasound?! We didn't have one done with the boys so this will be something new for us.

Okay so what do you all do about negative comments or not so nice ones? I received my first not so nice comment a couple weeks ago. Of course they are "anonymous" and didn't leave their name. I just hope it wasn't one of my dear followers. It didn't really get to me as it wasn't that bad but it was directed towards me as a parent. I don't need some idiot telling me what's best for MY kids. Anyway what a jackhole douche bag!!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Be prepared for picture overload once the new computer is up and running. And sorry for any typos as I am writing this from my iPhone and my hand is getting tired and my eyes are doing weird things now from staring at this little screen for what seems like forever.

The boys love these little shopping carts.


  1. i love their giant smiley faces! they are so cute in their hip sweatshirts!
    i'm so happy to hear everything is okay with your baby. i am always amazed at 3D ultrasounds and all their detail...can't wait to see your photos! there's no such thing as picture overload! ;)
    i'm wishing you lots of luck with the next move coming up!
    ewww, i'm so sorry to hear someone wrote you a comment like that!! i've only had one that ever really made me mad and wish i would have said something. where do people get off thinking they know it all?! you're an awesome and fun mama! and they are *^*&heads! :)

    thank you so much for your sweet comment, jessica!
    have a wonderful rest of the week <3

  2. It's about time you posted something again. I was going through withdrawals.

  3. Congrats on the move and welcome back. I don't believe someone would leave a bad comment on your site?!?

  4. Congrats on getting settled. He is likely practicing gymnastics in there so he can keep up once he comes out. I love the term Jackhole, and laughed out loud when I saw it.

    Hoping now that you have the new comp, and are blogging from the phone, you will be able to post more often.

    And Freaking work on your parenting skills would you!!!!! HAHA gotta love a good old fashioned hater. They probably love your blog and are just jelous... what can you do?

  5. Congrats on the move! I always blog stalk you-haha. I am glad you updated:) Such cuties!!! Soon to be a family of 3 boys- love it!


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