Friday, March 2, 2012

29 Weeks.

A couple days ago I had my monthly check-up. I was there about 2 hours. Between lab work {including the oh so fun glucose test}, doctor appointment, and getting the rhoGAM and flu shot it took forever. And this was not a good check-up for me, nothing is wrong with the baby, he is good and healthy.

It's me. And that stupid scale I dread stepping on every time I go. I gained another 6 lbs this month:((, so that brings my total so far to 32 lbs. The doctor really lectured me this time. She really doesn't want me having another ginormous baby. Like I want to have an 11 lb. baby. She says that a 9 pounder would be a piece of cake for me and he will pop right out.
She really wants me to try and keep my total weight gain under 40 lbs. So of course that means no more fast food, ice cream, candy or really any kind of sweets, and only milk and water. This is how it was when I was pregnant with the boys. I couldn't just eat whatever. I gained 60 lbs with Cameron and he was 9 lb 5 oz, and 50 with Easton and he weighed 10 lb. 12oz. I am so afraid I will gain less weight and this baby will be the biggest. It really sucks to be pregnant and not be able to eat whatever you want. It's not like I eat all the candy in the candy dish or all the cookies in the package or eat fast food every day. But I will try and do whatever it takes and we shall see in 3 weeks when its time to go back. I did make it to the gym the yesterday. That was kinda weird. I go to a fairly small gym, so not a lot of people and I totally felt like everyone was starring at me and my belly.

I did learn that my official due date has been moved up 5 days to May 15th....Yippeee!!!! So instead of being 28 weeks pregnant I am now 29...hehehehe. And who knows when she will induce. I ask every time I see her and her response is always we will see as it gets closer. I just hope I go into labor a little early. I am so afraid and scared this baby will be as big as Easton.  Looks like I won't be making anything with that fancy new mixer just yet:((

So far this pregnancy has been easy for me just like the previous two. No major problems, so I am very thankful for that. Now I am just exhausted during the day and completely wiped out at bed time. I think some of that may have to deal with my blood pressure and red blood cell count. Both are super low, but that's normal when your pregnant. And not to mention I still have to care for the other two. Some days they can be so good and other days....well you don't want to know, they are just plain crazy.

Well here are some pictures for those of you who care.....I know of a few who have been wanting to see :)) The earlier pictures are on the external hard drive and I am just too lazy to go get it and copy those pics onto this computer. And for whatever reason I am having a problem getting my old fonts on this new computer. I hate learning how to use new programs and this new windows is awesome but it's going to take some getting used to. So no fancy editing on these pictures.

 Seriously there is nothing glamorous about this picture. Not a good look.

 Shame on me for taking the pictures inside the house. That terrible shadow is on all the pictures:((

So does anyone have any hot plans this weekend??? We have a baseball game tomorrow night, which should be interesting because it starts at 7pm and its about an hour away from home. The kids will probably fall asleep on the way there. Hopefully they wake up in a good mood for the game. And I hope it's not too cold.
Then on Sunday we have our 3D ultrasound appointment. We went a couple weeks ago but the little peanut was all stretched out and they couldn't get any decent pictures of him. So hoepfully this time he will be positioned just right and I will have lots to share with you all next week.


  1. Awww you look beautiful and definitely not ginormous!

  2. You look amazing, Jessica! 32 lbs looks good on you! Wow!!
    I can't wait to see the 3D u/s pictures! They are always so adorable!

    I'm sorry you have to watch with the sweets and fast the looks of you, I say you can make a quick stop @ mcd's a few more times! :)
    I hope your week is off to a great start!!

  3. You look great. I hated the glucose test is was awful. Gosh it seems just like yesterday when you announced you were pregnant and your almost to the final stretch.

  4. As I was reading I was expecting to see pics of some big ol' blog... you look fantastic! You are all belly, and if anyone was staring at it, it's just because it's so cute! Hang in there, the next couple of months will fly by... :)

  5. Oh wow! You look so cute!!! I swear I looked like a house when I was pregnant. And listen to your doctor. The less weight you gain now, the less you will have to take off later.

    But you do look great!

  6. You don't even remotely look like you've gained that much, you are all belly! Ahhh I wish I had been 'cute pregnant' rather than 'ginormous pregnant', you look adorable.

    Finn was 10lbs 12oz too, with Tate even though I wasn't diagnosed with GD, I still monitored my blood sugar the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy and Tate was a respectable 7lb 10oz.


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