Friday, May 11, 2012

39 Weeks.

Well I am finally on my last week!!!

I am counting down the days now. At my last appointment, which was last Tuesday, I was 2.5 cm dilated and 50% effaced...which really means nothing to me since I was 4 cm with Easton for 3 freaking weeks. This week has been kinda rough. Lots and lots of cramping and pains, weird feelings I never felt with the first two. And then today I felt sick, like nauseous sick.

My next appointment is Tuesday, which is my due date, and my doctor said she would not let me go a week over due since I grow quite large babies. So if I happen to make it to that appointment I am hoping to convince her to schedule the induction Wednesday....or maybe even Tuesday night:))  But I really hope I don't make it to that appointment. At this point I am so done being pregnant. I don't mind being pregnant but the 9th month is tough, especially when you have 2 active crazy kids. It makes doing things so much harder and sometimes I think they know they can get away with certain things because I am pregnant.

Keep your fingers crossed this little guy decides to make an appearance this weekend:)


  1. that was fast! me. Ha!! ;)

    here's hoping it's this weekend, mama!


  2. dang you look AMAZING. i hope i look half as good as you do when i hit my 9th month (though i have to admit, i hope i don't make it to 39 weeks!)

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  3. Is it me or did your pregnancy go super quick. Hope the little one is ready to make it's grand entrance soon. Have a great Mother's Day

  4. Happy Mother's Day, Jessica!! I hope you're enjoying a sweet day with your boys!
    And I hope that your next little one will be making his way into the world soon!
    You are so pretty! I love the photo!
    You'll continue to be in my thoughts and prayers for a soon to be/wonderful delivery!
    So so excited for you!!!
    Thank you so much for all your support! Xoxoxo
    Lots of love,


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