Friday, September 21, 2012


I originally was going to post Bentley's 4 month update today {actually last night} but of course like always things got in the way. I do have it all typed out, I just need to upload some pictures to the computer. So now I write this post in bed from my phone.

Today was kind of a hectic day to say the least. Crazy busy this morning and afternoon running around doing some last minute shopping for our week long trip. And surprisingly I got all my running around done, it took a little longer than planned but it got done. We didn't get home until about 3:00, so like most the day was gone. This late in the day it's so hard for me to get stuff done. Especially just getting home and needing to unload the car plus the kids and their junk. And then it's time to start thinking of dinner and of course like always the kids are running wild and driving me bonkers. They are really trying my patience these days and they are totally getting the best of me. I am going to need a "real" vacation after this one just to recover. now it's like 9:00 and I am so freaking exhausted and tomorrow afternoon we leave for Arizona and I don't have a single thing packed....heck I am still doing laundry!!!! So tomorrow I have to tidy up the house and pack for 5!!!! Lots and lots of crap to do. We are leaving after Ryan gets home from work so I will be doing most of the packing by myself.

Oh and do you want ho hear the coolest part.....we are driving with all 3 kids!!!! read this right, we are driving! And how long of a drive is it you ask....oh like 12 hours....oh yay!!!! The reason for our trip is a family friend is getting married and Ryan is in the wedding;)) It will be good to see them, it's been like 4 years.
I am hoping we can make it like 5 hours, if not then at least 4 hours. We have a DVD player in car for the kids and I bought a couple new movies today for them. I also got them some new color wonder books and a couple other little things to keep them busy {I hope}.

I am sure I will be Instagram-ing it and maybe even a Tweet on Twitter. I still don't really know what I am doing on Twitter but its fun to follow everyone;)) If your on Twitter come find me....@jtsnowchick. I would love to follow some more of my Bloggy land friends;))

Okay folks I am off to pinnin on Pinterest or Draw Something or to sleep I am thinking sleep is going to win.


  1. You are CRAAAAZY! I can't wait to hear all about this. You'll have to give me updates while we play DS. And um, cutest baby ever. Seriously love that age when they're giggly and cute and not talking or walking or pulling shit off of shelves.

  2. Man woman you got some balls. Do you have Valium for the

  3. I hope you are all having an amazing time in Arizona!! I think it's awesome you took a roadtrip - all five of you!!
    Enjoy your vaca...can't wait to see all of your photos!!
    Lots of love


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