Thursday, October 18, 2012

This and That.

Well folks once again I went through a blog drought. I am like the worlds worst blogger. I go through these phases where I just cannot sit at the computer for long periods of time, either because the kids are bouncing off the walls and I cannot concentrate or every time I open the computer Easton thinks I am going to put a new game on his LeapFrog Leapster:)and/or I am just not in the mood because I have 50 million other things to do. I really have no clue how all you blogging mama's do it and then especially all you mama's that work outside the home as well. Maybe I just don't manage my time very good.
I love that I am able to follow some of my bloggy friends on FB, Twitter, and Instagram. At least I can kinda keep up with whats going on with you all. I am hoping to be able to sit down within the next couple of days to catch up with you all because today after preschool Cameron and Easton are going with my Mom and Grandma. They are going to Chuck E Cheese then they will be staying the night:)) Baby B will still be here but he is a piece of cake and at least he doesn't yell or scream or make messes just yet.

So today I finally have a dentist appointment. I have been avoiding going back. After Easton was born I finally went to have some work done....a couple crowns and a root canal. And I still have some cavities that need to be filled. Well about a year ago when I was pregnant with Bentley my freaking permanent crown fell the F&*% out!!! And of course it was the tooth that had the root canal, so they told me I would have to have the root canal done again!!! Since I was pregnant and then that was right about the time we were getting ready to move I put it off. So I finally called and I have an appointment this morning. I know I need one tooth pulled :( plus all 4 wisdom teeth and a couple fillings....oh and plus that damn root canal/crown. All 3 times I was pregnant I had one tooth break off  each time and they were all teeth that had previously been filled. Anyway I hate going to the dentist but I am tired of these damn teeth!!!!!

And do you remember the post about The Toe......well over the weekend Cameron stepped on it and it fell off!!!!! Yes. My toenail fell off!!!!! It didn't hurt at all, it just fell off. I will spare you the picture i took of it:) A new toe nail had already started growing under the old damaged one, fingers crossed its not damaged. I am trying some Tea Tree oil treatment on it. We will see if that works or if it's too badly damaged.

We need a real vacation after our family vacation to AZ with the kiddos. No more family vacations unless we are going Disney Land or some other place for the kids. A post on that trip is coming soon.

While in AZ I discovered a new 2 buck chuck wine that is pretty good and I found out we have the same store here in CA and not that far from where we live. We bought about 12 bottles and I only had about 3 or 4 left until yesterday. We went to the pumpkin farm and on the way home we stopped and got some more and it was even cheaper here....$1.99 a bottle! It really isn't that bad and very drinkable.

I am in birthday party overload! the Boys' birthdays are coming up in December and we always have their party the first weekend in December {as far away from Christmas as possible but still in their bday month}. I am still trying to decide what the heck we are going to do. Have it at home and get a bounce house and hope it doesn't rain or go to a kids place with games and shit. So many different things to think about. We need to hurry it up and decide because I will need to order invites soon so they can go out the first week of November....this time of year always sneaks up on us.
And then of course there is Christmas! I cannot freaking believe its this time of year already. I am running out of things to get these boys. I know what their big "Santa" present will be and have ideas for some little things but what the heck are they going to get for their birthdays?! It makes it so hard with their birthdays so close to Christmas.

What has everyone in bloggy land been up to?! Hope everyone has a great day!!!! 


  1. Hey Mama missed ya but dude you have 3 boys one being a newbie I don't know how you do it. I am on my 45th time watching Cinderella what is the name of the two buck chuck? Vacations with kiddos less than a 5 hour plane ride preferably on Virgin and towards anything tropical/water and with full on pool service to bring mommy frothy umbrella drinks!

  2. I hope the dentist's wasn't too crazy or painful for you!! *And I hope you came home and treated yourself to a bottle of that 2 buck chuck :) $1.99 - that is awesome!! Glad to hear your toe is healing...come on, show us the pic! ;)
    Have a wonderful time tonight with the Mr and Bentley!! I hope you get to relax!


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