Sunday, August 18, 2013

Friday Rewind.

Okay......well this Friday rewind is a couple days late....surprise, surprise.

This week was kinda a big week for us. Lots of things happening here in the Mink household. We went to Cameron's little school picnic to meet his teacher and say hello. Cameron had his first practice for fall ball, which is going to be coaches pitch. He's done with the T-ball {of course I have a post dedicated to his T-ball season but who knows when that will be up}. 

We took the kids out to ice cream which is always an adventure taking them anywhere. They used to hate ice cream but now they love it and of course they will only eat certain flavors. Cameron will only eat vanilla. Easton will eat vanilla with chocolate and/or caramel syrup and chocolate.  

Then Thursday was Cameron's first day of Kindergarten. I cannot believe our kids are already starting school. It's only 3 hours a day but it's every day. So this week will be interesting since it will be our first full week of coming and going to school. 

I also found wedding shoes and picked up my dress for Cynthia's wedding {which is only 2 weeks away from today....EEEEEEKKKKKk}. And I still have some things to finish up for the wedding....crunch time!!!!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Friday Rewind.

Well the weather here has been great all week for the month of August but that has me a bit worried because I know the scorching 100 degree temps are not over with, heck it can be 100 still in the month of October. I sure hope it's not. So that means lots of time outside this week. Actually the weather doesn't seem to bother them half the time. 

We found out that Cameron got into the morning session so that's great news. I would have gone nuts with an 11:40-3:00 schedule.

We all went on a family outing to the driving range and has always Cameron ends up in trouble and crying by the time we get back to the car. I didn't do all that bad for not hitting a ball in over a year but I took it easy and only hit a handful. The kids love it cause the balls pop up from a dispenser onto a tee;)

Bentley and I went to Cynthia's dress fitting {wedding is just 3 weeks away} while Cameron and Easton went to John's Incredible Pizza with my mom and grandma. It was nice to come home and have the house quiet for a bit. Bentley decided his 10 minute nap in the car was good enough so nap and actually that happened like 3 times this week. 

All three crazies got hair cuts and they were actually pretty good the whole time we were there. We had to wait a little bit even though we had an appointment which was annoying especially when I am waiting with 3 kids but oh well. 

And this was Thursday. One of the days Bentley decided not to nap.......

I hope everyone has a great weekend. We are off to a birthday party today and who knows what we are doing tomorrow:)

Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Rewind.

Good Morning!

I got some great news yesterday that totally made my day or actually made my week or better yet made my month of August! I am not going to get any news better than this. We finally got a call that Cameron got into the school we want him to go to for Kindergarten to 8th grade....WHOOOHOOOO. I was so freaking happy and relieved. So this morning I am off to enroll and register him. School starts in just 2 weeks so I was getting anxious to find out any information and getting annoying with calling the district every week to be told something different every time. 

Sunday afternoon Ryan and I made it back from our 4 day camping Jeepers Jamboree trip. A shower and real bed never felt so good. It was a ton of fun and I can't wait until next year. 

This week we finally took our pup Mattie to the vet. She has had this bump/lump kinda by her nose on her muzzle area. One day about 3 weeks ago we just noticed it and thought maybe she got stung by a bee or something but it hasn't gotten smaller but hasn't gotten bigger either. And she hasn't been inhaling her food like she usually does. So we got her caught up on her shots and they tested the bump for abnormal cells and everything came back ok. So for now we are just going to watch it and do hot compresses to it.

Nothing exciting this week going on besides Cameron getting into our school of choice. And now all the fun begins. Oh and If I have time today I need to stop by Macy's to look at wedding shoes. The wedding is only a month away so finding a pair of shoes is top priority right. I know exactly the shoes I am looking for so I hope they have them and they fit right....fingers crossed!!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

This and That.

So I meant to post this earlier this morning. So here I am at 9:30 packing for a camping trip and getting things ready. 

Okay so I think I am just going to have to get over the whole blogger thing and just keep going with this one. BUT if it continues to delete my pictures I am going to be so PISSED!!! A lot of time and effort goes into to this whole blogging thing. 

So now that I am over it and going to keep plugging along here:) I am BACK! I have so many things I want to share and I am hoping after our little camping this weekend I will be refreshed and ready.

My life lately has been pretty crazy with trying to raise three little boys. Very challenging at times and feeling like my head is going to explode. Ryan and I are going on a 4 day camping trip with like another 100 or so jeeps called the Jeepers Jamboree. He's wanted to do this forever and it just happens to fall on the same week is on vacation. This is a no kids trip so I am to de-stress and refresh my mind {a little}. But this isn't your average camping trip. It's a four wheel drive type of trip where you need a 4x4 jeep to get to where we are going, in the middle of the Rubicon Trail with nothing but trees, dirt, and granite slab. Oh and did I mention there will be no cell service up in the middle of nowhere. Sounds great maybe to some but to a mom with three little ones I am freaking out a little not being able to call and check in on my little crazies. I know they will be in good hands but still cannot help but to worry about what we will be going on. 

So the week has already been quite busy and today is just going to be another one of those days. We have swim lessons this morning then we need to run a couple errands for our departure tomorrow morning at 430am then we are going to the fair this afternoon with the kiddos. Plus pack up the jeep and pack up the kids for Grandma's house. Oh and this is will be the longest time away from the kids without seeing or talking to them:( Oh and still have a bazillion other things to get done.

Okay I do not have time to proof read this so please forgive. I hope it all makes sense and there are no terrible typos. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Blogger Problems.

I am not a high tech computer saavy person at ALL. I cannot even remember exactly how I set up this blog. I go to do somethings on here and can't remember how to do it and cannot figure it out then I just give up because really who has the time to sit at the computer for hours on in and try to figure the crap out?!  Sure in the heck not me. 

I noticed a while back that my pictures on older posts were missing. A giant square with a minus sign right in the middle. At first it was on posts from like 2 year to 18 months ago well now it's doing it on post just from like a year ago. This is really frustrating. One of the reasons I have not been around because I get so upset I cannot figure it out and it's very discouraging.

Anyone who blogs knows its very time consuming and takes a lot of work {even on my little simple blog}.Well just think of all the stuff you posted over the last 2-3 years and now it's all gone. I don't want to continue posting things then to have it just disappear and gone. I think the missing pictures has something to do with Picasa web album. Some of my pictures are missing and I have no clue where they went or why they disappeared. I just wish I knew what the hell I was doing. 
I was thinking of deleting this blog and just starting fresh with a new one. But then it would be sad to just see this one gone. I could try and transfer this one over to a new one but who the hell am I kidding....I would never be able to figure that out. I did sign up with Wordpress for a free blog but have no clue where to start or what to do. 

Okay I guess I am done complaining for now. I hope everyone has a great week. The boys started swim lessons today so that's where we will be every morning for the next 2 weeks or so. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Rewind.

Another week has come and gone. Seems to be how it is lately. The weeks just fly by and before we know it another month has passed. This week was much like last week. Nothing too exciting going on which is perfect for right now. A couple weeks to unwind is always nice.

Ryan has been wanting to take the boys to see Iron Man 3 so he took them one day after work this week and he says he will never take them again anytime soon.  First of all he took them by himself and second Easton is just out of diapers.  And next time I will be there with them to take them to the bathroom. And we probably won't take them to go see a movie he wants to see. He said they went pee about 10 times and Easton went poop I was laughing so hard when reading his text. 

It was weird to only have one child home with me. That doesn't happen very often AT ALL, like RARELY!!! 

  Today I finally went and exchanged our modem thingy and I think it's all hooked up correctly and now we should have no issues and it should be back to super lightening fast because apparently we have the fastest Internet they offer, so we shall see. 

Yesterday Bentley was in the worse mood EVER! Cranky pants all friggin day. I think it must have been his molars bugging him or he's starting to get sick or something. It was bad. 

Plus he decided it was going to be a no nap day. So when that happens this happens...............

I think Cynthia and I have come to the conclusion that I might be making the guest book for her wedding. I just hope she likes whatever I make and if not she can always just use it for a little scrapbook of the wedding. But it's going to be challenging because I need to make sure there's enough room for everyone to sign and possible write a little note to Mr. & Mrs. should be interesting. I am excited because I already have ideas running around in my head and visions of what it will look. I need to start getting my supplies so I am not rushing around last minute trying to finish it....just a little over 2 months left now until the big day.

On Sunday we had Cameron's baseball party at the park. That was interesting. And of course he  did not walk up and get his trophy. He thinks he's shy or something but he won't go up in front of people when he knows they are looking at them. He did the same thing at preschool graduation {a post on that is coming sometime}.

And maybe just maybe you will be hearing from me for 30 days straight......I've been giving it a lot of thought, it's really going to be a challenge. Only other bloggers will understand how hard it is and how much time it takes, especially if you have a post with lots of pictures and links. I am terrible at the whole thing. Takes me forever to figure anything out and now pictures from way back when are not showing up and that pisses me the EFF off because I have no clue how to fix it. I will let you know when the 30 days is starting....

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Friday Rewind.

First of all this post was meant for yesterday....But the damn Internet was acting up all day. Monday I will be going to Comcast and exchanging the modem. I swear that's the problem. It's been acting up for awhile now and I finally just called yesterday. Hopefully that will fix it.

So this week has been so calm compared to last week. The kids and I did NOTHING!

Last Saturday we had closing ceremonies for Little League. Nothing too exciting just somewhere to go and something to do. The kids played some games and ate a hot dog .....oh and Easton had several tootsie pops.

They played in the backyard all day everyday the past week. And It's been warming up here. Going to be 106 or something today.  Since it's been warming up my mom finally gave the kids the pool she got them for the backyard and Ryan aired it up last weekend.

On Sunday I got to venture out of the house without my crazies. Ryan had a game in 
Yountville which is right by Napa so Beth {a good friend, her husband and Ryan are the coaches} and I went into the cute little town of Yountville and found a couple of tasting rooms. We did watch a little of the game but took off after about 45 minutes:) Then once the game was over the guys met up with us, we finished our tasting then headed to get some lunch. It was a lot of fun and cannot wait to back, definitely need to do that more often!!!

This little guy can now climb onto both couches. At first he could only get on the couch in living room because it sit a teeny bit lower but he finally mastered this recliner and coach in playroom. He was so proud of himself. 

We did this yesterday. We got Bentley's one year pictures taken.  I got a great deal and joined their rewards program thingy. That means we will be getting lots more pictures taken of the kids, maybe a family picture but I really wanted that outdoors so we shall see. It was such an awesome deal I couldn't pass it up. I've never been one to want to sign up for the rewards thing because who really needs that many pictures of their kids?! Like what the hell do you do with all the damn pictures. My wall is already almost filled and I am not rotating or taking any of these down. Maybe only the school pictures will get rotated in and out. Plus I take so many myself. Oh well I will have to plan out our trips to Picture People so I can make the most out of our freebie items we get.  Of course I got the disc of pictures so I can't wait to show you guys. And maybe just maybe all our friends and family will finally get their copies of all the other pics we had taken months ago:)

That's it for now! I hope everyone enjoys their Saturday!!!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

This and That.

WOW...its been very busy around here the past couple of months or so, lots of things going on and so much to tell you about.

*** Cameron had preschool graduation last Friday:( More to come on that.

*** T-Ball has come to end for the season. Also more to come.

*** High School baseball is over and now American Legion has started. Ryan I think has officially resigned             from coaching. This summer will be his last year until I think he starts coaching the boys.

*** My children drive me nuts on a daily basis but I love them to pieces.

*** So glad last week is finally over and in the past.

***I wish I knew how to work blogger so I could fix my blog. Old pictures are not showing up and its pissing me off, even more so because I don't know why or how to fix the damn thing.

*** Trying to convince myself to a challenge....30 days of blogging...eeeekkkkk, not sure I can do that. Got the idea from my friend Michelle at So Wonderful, So Marvelous.  And please go check out her post........Such a great read!!!


*** I just picked the house up this morning and by noon its already a freaking diaster. Nothing new....happens every day.

*** I think Easton is done with the diapers!!!! Whooohoooo! He's been doing so good and hasn't had a diaper on in weeks.

*** So tired of saying the word NO and most days I think my head is going to explode from the kids not listening........

*** I am hoping sometime soon to start blogging about my couponing experiences. I want to share with you all how addicting it can be and how much money you can SAVE. And how embarrassing I have even been on a local morning show twice. I got an awesome birthday present from my BIL and SIL last month to help me with me coupons....more on that as well:)

*** I joined Stampin' Up! and now I can attempt to earn a little extra cash and get back into scrapbooking. Maybe finish Cameron's first year by the time he is 6 and maybe start on Easton and Bentley's first year sometime in the near future.....of course more to come on this as well.

DANG....looks like I have lots of "more to come".....Well I have been on this little ole post all day here and there. We will see what happens tomorrow. Maybe a surprise and 2 days of posting!!

Friday, May 17, 2013


Happy Birthday Bentley!!! WOW...where does the time go?! Already ONE! 

Mommy and daddy love you so much...xoxo

Monday, May 6, 2013

May 6, 2006.

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband. I love you so much and couldn't be happier.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

11 Months.


Well the little guy is standing all the time and is taking little baby steps. When I say baby steps I mean baby steps. Its so cute. He will take a couple then go right down to his butt. It won't be long until he is running all over the place.  He is getting braver when it comes to climbing on things. He has started to stand on his ride on and push toys, which is a little scary when you see it from a distance. He loves being outside when his brothers are playing. He just crawls around the back patio scratching his knees and toes and could care less.  And you know he is all boy just like his brothers when he is already getting into playing with the monster trucks. He loves to push them around and has already started trying to make the monster truck noise the boys do when are playing with know the...VRRROOOM VROOM sounds:)

And the poor dude was sick freaking again. He just got over a little cold like a month ago {which he gave to me} and a couple weeks ago started again and we discovered he had an ear infection. So finally on the last day of taking his antibiotics {which is today, 10 days later} he is feeling better. He has been super cranky, like to the point where we just couldn't handle it anymore and we knew there was something going on. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Baby Shower and A New Baby.

Of course like most of my post these days this one is a little late. 
Most of you probably already know who Cynthia is {the BFF}, well at the end of February her Mom hosted her baby shower. We {her mom, sis, a friend from college, and myself} all put our ideas together and threw her a fabulous shower. Her mom really went all out with the cute little table runners she made to match the color scheme to the violinist she hired to play as guest were arriving, this was really a nice touch. There were all sorts of yummy food and sweets for everyone. My favorite would have to be the stuffed mushrooms {which I am gonna have to get the recipe for because of course I already forgot it} and the cucumber little sandwiches Kristin made. We made the little tissue pom poms to hang {who doesn't love those?!} and Vicky found out that she could use see thru thread to sew together the cute little vellum circles to go with the pom poms { I think I am stealing this idea for Bentley's birthday party} Everything was perfect.

I made some yarn wrapped letters of the baby's name,which is now in the nursery:) And one of my new favorite decorations are the little flag pennants made from fabric. Super easy and so cute!

Her mom loves to quilt and sew. SO of course she went all out again making 3 different quilts and a ton of bibs and burb cloths.

Last Thursday morning, April 18th {a few days early} baby Beckett decided it was time to make an appearance.

Beckett William 8lb 8oz and 21 inches long.

I am so thrilled for Cynthia and Joe.Cynthia has wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember and she finally is. This little dude has the best mommy. She is going to be a great mom and both her and Joe will be great parents. I am so looking forward to those chats with her about mommyhood, the ups and downs, and everything in between. I can't wait to hear her stories about screaming crying babies and crazy toddlers running wild. I will finally be the listener for once, she has been listening to me for over 5 years now:)  

Congratulations Cynthia & Joe...I love you both and couldn't be happier for you! XOXO

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter from our crazy bunch to your crazy bunch;)) We got a great picture this year with the Easter Bunny. Cameron and Easton were so excited, it was so cute. They didn't want to leave the mall. We must have waved bye a million times. We have a full day ahead of us, splitting the day up between my family and Ryan's family. I hope all of you have a wonderful day!!! Happy egg hunting!!! {I am hoping the rain holds of our egg hunts is bound to be rained on}.

10 Months

Well not much has change since last month. He still isn't sleeping through the night and still really doesn't  eat much but we are trying everyday. He really loves the little pouch thingys that they suck on, he loves the fruit smoothie ones:) Oh and of course he loves all the puffs, he will shove in a couple at a time and freak me the F%$K out when he starts gagging. He is still all over the place and getting into everything. We are constantly chasing him around. And of course he is getting over another cold.....and of course he gave it to me:)) 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

9 Months.

Well not a whole lot has changed since the last update. Still not sleeping all night and still not really eating much. Finally started to eat more of the puffs. He loves to gnaw on bread and it keeps him busy for awhile. He is still taking cat naps in the swing every once in awhile {so happy to finally get some use out of that swing}. He is wearing out the knees in his pj's and his pants. Several have holes and are dirt stained. 

Oh and he is still as cute as can be:)

YAY...the next update is 10 months and I will be all caught up!!! Kinda sad the 12 month update is approaching ***TEARS*** LOTS OF TEARS*** only 2 months and he is a year!!! WTF??!! Where did the last year?! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

8 Months.

Well not much has changed since last month {{once again I am a little behind and this was one of those half finished post....I am going to catch up and post 9 months within a few days and then that will bring us right at 10 months!!!}} 
He is still sleeping like crap but what's new. He got sick and had to have an inhaler and had ear infections in BOTH ears.  He is just about done with baby food, gags it up or throws it up actually.  He will eat some fruit every once in awhile. He started cutting two more teeth so that makes a total of 8 now. He is getting faster and faster these days, I turn my head for a second and he has the toilet paper roll getting ready to throw it in the toilet:) or trying to get some kitty roca......BARF!!! He loves to play with his brothers toys and especially loves the monster trucks, which they do not like AT ALL.  He is growing so fast it's so sad. I wish he could stay a baby just a teeny tiny bit longer. Pretty soon he is going to be running around acting like a wild child with his crazy brothers.

Friday, March 1, 2013

To: Cynthia-The Joys of Pregnancy and Labor.

This post is dedicated to my dearest friend.....Cynthia. 

There are just some things your mom isn't going to tell you about pregnancy, labor, and life after you give birth. That's why you have girlfriends that won't sugar coat things and make it all sound peachy. I did not mind being pregnant and had no major problems. I did miss feeling them move around inside but did not miss all the uncomfortableness that comes along with it.  But by the end of the pregnancy when your huge and fat and so uncomfortable your so ready for it to be over with. 

Some of things written in this post might be a little TMI....just a warning that I will be writing about boobs, nipples, and vaginas.

In the beginning there might be a little morning sickness or a lot. I had just a little for about the first 14 weeks or so. You will be tired and your boobs will start to hurt and get super sore. Oh and don't forget the frequent urination that never goes away and the lovely discharge.
Then you will start to feel good get some energy back and think "Oh this isn't so bad" then about 30 weeks or so all the "cool" stuff starts to happen.............................
  • Your boobs may or may not have started to leak at this point.
  • Braxton Hicks contractions may have started and sometimes they can be quite uncomfortable. Lots of water will help with these. 
  • Of course as I already mentioned......the yucky whitish discharge, sometimes will cause you to have to wear a pantyliner:) This started in the beginning for me....just what you wanted to know...right?!
  • Back pain may have settled in. With Easton and Bentley I had terrible back pain....NO BUENO!!!
  • The pubic bone/pelvis pain. This hurts so bad!!! I could barely get out of bed. And then sometimes you could hear it popping. This started to happen in the last 6 weeks or so and it was only with Bentley. 
  • Feeling major pressure in your area down there. Sometimes it felt like he was just going to pop out or something. It hurts to get out of bed and even walk. Not a good feeling at all. Very strange. I did not have that feeling with the first two.
  • Swelling of the hands and feet. This happened early on for me with Cameron. I was not about to go without my wedding ring, so I had it sized a one whole size bigger and it was still tight. Now after 3 kiddos its practically falling off so I need to get it sized smaller again, Ryan reminds me almost daily I will not be getting a new one if I lose it:)

Now here are some great things about labor.......

  • Sometimes you lose the "mucus plug", you will know when this happens. It's disgusting! With Cameron I lost it right at the same time contractions started. But it's different for everyone. With Cameron it was a ton of junk down there but Easton not so much. I have also read and heard that you can lose it over time as well. But when you do start losing it that probably means labor is near:)
  • It HURTS! I believe I have a pretty high tolerance for pain. With Cameron it wasn't that bad. I got an epidural but then that slowed things down a bit {as Cynthia knows because she was there}. Well we all know with Easton there was no time for any drugs and it hurt like HELL. The burning sensation is the worst and the contractions are no joke.
  • Labor can take FOREVER! Make sure to bring some snacks for Joe and maybe the Ipad:) and a pillow from home might be nice. 
  • Pushing out a baby is like one of the hardest things I have ever had to do! It's different for everyone. I pushed for a little over 3 hours with Cameron and I never thought it was going to end. My back was killing me towards the end and I seriously thought I would never get him out. 
  • You may or may not poop while happens.
  • You may need an epsoimoy to get him out and if so Joe will want to turn his head {or at least that's what our doctor told Ryan} and if so your recovery time will take a little longer and you will be a little more sore in that area.....OH JOY!
  • If you have an epidural it will take a while for it to wear off. You won't be able to stand up and walk for a bit but at least you really won't feel the doctor pushing out the lovely placenta:)
  • Beware when they move you to the bathroom to go pee....this is not a pretty site. Lots and lots of junk coming out down there. With all three boys the bleeding lasted about 3 weeks or so.
  • The nurses will give you a little squirt bottle thingy to clean down there after every time you go to the bathroom and then they give some spray stuff to spray down there to help with the burning. This will be your best friend especially if you have stitches.

One of the best pieces of advice I got while pregnant with Cameron was from one of the baseball players Mom that Ryan coached....she said to me when I was about 34 weeks pregnant or so to start rubbing my nipples with sponge {or something} to get them ready. At first I thought she was crazy but after 3 kids I can tell you this is not crazy. The nipples get so very sore, especially in the beginning. I can remember with Easton they were starting to get red and cracking when I was still in the hospital...probably because he was a giant and ate all day long:) 
And since we are talking about breasts....they will hurt like hell once your milk comes in. They will hard as rock and like 3 times the normal size. Nurse often and massage them:)

Cynthia is now 33 weeks pregnant {I think}t. I cannot believe she will be having a baby in 2 months! FINALLY!!! 
I cannot wait for her to go into labor and finally experience labor and child birth. Finally after 5 years of talking about it since Cameron was born she will get to experience it herself. She was the only one at the hospital when Easton was born and she was just outside the room and she said it sounded like my arm was being chopped off....YES i was screaming! It hurt so freaking bad. 

Last weekend was her baby shower and everything turned out wonderful. Her mom, sis, myself and a college friend all helped and put our ideas together. Her mom really went all out for everything. It was prefect. 

So tell me ladies what was the best and worst thing about pregnancy and/or labor? We all know the end result is well worth it and by far the best thing ever or why else would we do it again and again:)

Please excuse any typos.....The kids are starting to wake up and I just need to post this or it will never happen. It was one of my many half written posts. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

7 months.

Okay I just found this unfinished unpublished post....its a little late:)) this was typed up on Dec.23

Every time I do one of these post I seriously cannot believe Bentley is a month older. He is growing so fast and doing new stuff all the time. He is sitting up now all on his own and he is also pulling himself up on his knees to play with his toys. It's only a matter of time until he will be standing.
He is all over the house these days, even more so now. Before he would just hang out with me in the kitchen and roam around, well now he's gotta be where all the action is and always wants to see what his brothers are doing. I had to move the crib mattress down already and I am thinking I should have just moved it down all the way.
Oh and How could I forget......A couple weeks ago his bottom teeth finally started to break through! He's got the bottom two coming in. I am really hoping after those come he starts sleeping a little better. Even during nap time he has been a pain in the butt. He is still taking some of his naps in the swing. Both Cameron and Easton hated the swing, so its nice to finally really get to use it. I feel like we are finally getting our monies worth out of it:))

Last week we finally had his infant pictures taken. And we were lucky to get a picture of all three. 

Seriously love these boys so much!!!!


Well my last post was two weeks ago from Saturday and I posted that we were going to Monster Jam that night and Easton was starting to feel and look and little sick. Well by the time it came to leave that night he looked like SHIT. He and Cameron both crashed on the couch around 3 and we had to leave around 5 to meet our friends for dinner. Well when they woke they were both hacking away, we seriously had no business taking them out, let alone taking them out to a restaurant to eat. But what were we going to do?! Tell them we are not going to Monster Jam....ah NO, they have been looking forward to this for months. Neither was running a fever and Easton is the one that looked real bad but once we got to the Arena he perked up and was excited and had a blast.

So Sunday rolls around and Easton is totally fine but nowt it's Cameron who has a fever and is looking sluggish. He was pretty calm all day {which is so not like him} he took a nap and ran a fever off and on all day. Oh and I forget to mention Bentley also started coughing and was getting congested Saturday {which I was not happy about because he never got over his last little cold that had lasted the last month or so} and he started running a fever late Sunday night. So Monday all three are coughing and had snotty running noses. Bentley started wheezing and it was slowly getting more noticeable and he was still running a fever off and on.

Tuesday Bentley is still running a fever and his wheezing is getting worse. He was like almost panting. I called the advice nurse several times in just a few days and finally Tuesday night I called and said I want to bring him in and have him looked at because it was getting worse and he looked like shit. Surprisingly he wasn't that cranky, not like he should have been. Oh and then when I picked up Cameron from school Tuesday afternoon he looked exhausted and fell asleep on the way home {which is only like a 10 minutes away}. We got home and he passed back out and was also running a fever.

Wednesday rolls around {the day I got my tooth pulled...eeeeeekkkk, I survived!} So after my dental appointment I took Bentley to the Doctor. Turns out he has ear infections in both ears and was a wheezing fool. His wheezing sounded so bad by this time, Ryan came home from work and was like, you need to take him now! So we got some antibiotics for the eat infection and some Albuterol for his wheezing.
Bentley started getting better within a couple of days. With the humidifier on full blast and the inhaler with Albuterol plus the Amoxicillin he was on his way to being healthy. But the other sick child....Cameron, he laid in bed for days with a fever and terrible cough. After several more phone calls to the Doctor's office once again I said we have been patient enough and I want to bring him in. So the following Monday {a week of running a fever and laying in bed} he went to the doctor. Turns out he also has a double ear infection and Pneumonia and he was prescribed Albuterol as well. His eyes were also all junked up and red so he got some eye drops too. And within a couple of days he was feeling better also. And by the end of the week he was back to his normal wild self. And can I just tell you giving medicine to a 5 year old SUCKS ASS!!! So freaking dramatic!!! Finally after a week now it only takes him a couple minutes to drink the Amoxicillin and he doesn't mind the inhaler anymore. Oh and then the same day Cameron went to the doctor Easton was complaining about his eye. It started getting red and puffy and he was saying it hurt. So back to the doctor I went on Tuesday with Easton. Nothing major just a little eye infection from being sick so we got some eye drops for him too. And now I think everyone is healthy. The kids still have little coughs but nothing like it was.  Cameron is loud and dramatic and bossy so I know he is feeling fine. I also had a little cold in the middle of all that and both Ryan and I have minor sore throats that come and go {very annoying}.

All of the meds for the kiddos.....B hated his inhaler at first but I kinda made it a game and now he laughs and giggles:))

This is what Cameron did for the first 4 days or so...then he moved to the couch in the playroom.

I am so glad they are feeling better. Even though the house was quiet for a few days and Cameron was mellow, I hate to see him so sick. We were really getting worried there when he wasn't getting any better and the fever wouldn't really go away. And then poor little baby....really looked like crap and he wasn't getting any better either. At least now we have the inhalers on hand just is case this crap comes back. I sure hope this is it. I know it has been a bad cold/flu season and I hope everyone in bloggy land is staying healthy:)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

This and that

Well here's another this and that post if what's been going on here lately. Nothing too exciting just staying busy and wishing I had better time management skills.

*** It has seriously been so freaking cold here lately. Like for a month it seems like. We are used to mid 60's and mid 50's in the winter here but it had been down right freezing. I hate going in the garage to do laundry and the poor kids have been stuck inside. When they do go outside and play after a couple hours they are ready to come in. Well also because Easton always finds a way to find some water and get wet then wants new clothes and that's when I say time to come in and also everything is so wet they get all flipping muddy. Mud stuck to shoes all over the patio....a muddy mess!!!!

*** I just turned in Cameron's open enrollment form......SHUT THE FREAKING FRONT DOOR!!!! Kindergarten already?! Cannot believe that! Really hoping he gets in the school we want him to go....fingers crossed.

*** So two weekends I discovered I have a few kidney stones. Yes so freaking awesome. I started having some back pain and it kinda wrapped around my hip and lower abdominal area, it hurt so effing bad. I thought I just pulled something lifting Bentley but the pain started getting super bad then I started feeling ill and nauseous so I thought I was coning down with something. I got to the point where I thought I might pass out and start puking so I asked my MIL to come over. Once she was here she made me call the doctor cause she said I didn't look good at all. So I called and they told me to go to the ER. And then the pain just stopped and I felt 80% better but she still made me go. They did a scan and discovered I have kidney stones. So last Friday I had a doctors appointment and I had some blood work done and had to collect my pee for 24 hours (this was just the other day and haven't heard from the doctor yet). 
At least now I have some pain meds when I start to pass another one;))

*** I am totally obsessed with couponing!!! I love it!!! It's like an addiction!!! My SIL and I have totally lost it. Our family thinks we are nutty. We talk coupons and  store deals all day long. It's so much fun!!! I have tried setting a budget but this months budget totally went to hell. Last month I set a budget of $300 and probably spent about $ not too bad for just starting. 

*** High school baseball has started already and I am already over it. I usually don't mind and look forward to it but this year I am just over it. Probably because Ryan helped out with fall ball a few months ago and that lasted for like 6 weeks or so. It's never ending. And he's gone so much more. He does say that this is his last year with kiddos getting older and Cameron starting t-ball this year. I think once the season actually starts and they are playing games and the boys get to go out there and run around it will be all good. 

*** Speaking of I am going to sign sign Cameron up! 

*** Tonight we are going to Monster Jam with some friends. The boys are so freaking excited. There is a new truck making their debut tonight.....Scooby Doo:)) Although I am hoping the boys aren't feeling too bad.  Everyone has been sick lately. I am just getting over a little cold, Bentley is finally over his, and now Easton is coughing and so congested. My mom, grandma, SIL, MIL, and FIL all have been sick. The boys are still sleeping so fingers crossed the wake up and aren't too bad because there is no way they will want to miss Monster jam.

*** Oh and I am totally freaking out...I have a dental appointment on Wednesday and have to have a tooth pulled. I have cancelled this appointment several times (the dental office probably thinks I am nuts) so I really can't cancel anymore and just need to get it done. Ryan was going to go with me but because of the holiday next week he is off Tuesday instead of his regular day off Wednesday, so I have to go by myself:( Has anyone ever had a tooth pulled? I am freaking the F$#@ out over here!!!!

Hope Everyone has a fabulous weekend. 

Sorry for any typos.....If I don't post this now it may never get posted...LOL.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Monster Jam Party.

So a little over a month ago we had the boys'  birthday party. Even though their birthdays were still like 3 weeks away we like having their party the first weekend of December. It's a little bit away from Christmas but still in their birthday month. They wanted to have a Monster Jam party with a bounce house. Well since their birthday is in December we had to warn them that it might rain and if it rains we cannot have a bounce house. We told them that several times and they still wanted to have it at home.

So the birthday weekend comes and its pouring rain and actually it poured all week  and was suppose to let up on Sunday the day of the party. That Friday I was running errands for the party and it was crazy out. Pouring and windy. I was soaked every time I got out of the car. So Sunday morning comes around and it's just crazy out! We had a few down pours and one lasted for a while the  backyard flooded and water came into our bedroom:)) Yep water all inside our room, it could have been worse....down the street it was a river and cars were flooded, so thankful that didn't happen. SO we got a little water in the bedroom and had to pull out some of the padding and replace it. We were a little displaced for a few days but nothing too bad. And we went on with the party and the sun decided to show itself but still no bounce house. Everything was waaaayyyy too wet for that.

Even though there was no bounce house the boys still had a great time. And really that's all who really matters. I am not concerned with everyone else {I mean a  little bit}, as long as my boys have fun that's all we care about. I ordered this cool Grave Digger pinata and filled it with gold fish, graham crackers and m&m's. Instead of having your typical party favors I ordered these little monster jam boxes and the kids filled them up with the snack pack of goodies that filled the pinata. It was so funny watching the kids try and hit the pinata blind folded. So after the first time around we took off the blind fold. It was a little hard for them:)

At first I wanted to order a cake shaped like a monster truck but then after calling around and getting some quotes I just couldn't see paying that much for a cake. Then when Cameron said he wanted me to make his cake I started  thinking and looking around. I came across this blog where I got the idea for the cake and thought to myself I could totally do that.....and I did!!! The boys loved the cake and thought it was "super awesome". 
I made 3 cakes put two together and then the third one I used for the ramps. I used graham crackers and brown and gold sprinkles for the dirt. I had some posters of the invitation made and used for decorations and I also put up some pictures of the boys at a recent Monster Truck show we went to. 
I made the little fabric flag garland, I just love making these! Its super easy and looks so cute. Then afterwards you can use it for decorations around the house. I hung these ones I made for the party in the playroom. So it kinda has a Monster Truck theme now. I also took the posters I had made and put those in there too along with the all the monster truck wall decals. The boys think its so cool.

 Eating left over birthday pizza for breakfast the next morning:))