Saturday, June 8, 2013

Friday Rewind.

First of all this post was meant for yesterday....But the damn Internet was acting up all day. Monday I will be going to Comcast and exchanging the modem. I swear that's the problem. It's been acting up for awhile now and I finally just called yesterday. Hopefully that will fix it.

So this week has been so calm compared to last week. The kids and I did NOTHING!

Last Saturday we had closing ceremonies for Little League. Nothing too exciting just somewhere to go and something to do. The kids played some games and ate a hot dog .....oh and Easton had several tootsie pops.

They played in the backyard all day everyday the past week. And It's been warming up here. Going to be 106 or something today.  Since it's been warming up my mom finally gave the kids the pool she got them for the backyard and Ryan aired it up last weekend.

On Sunday I got to venture out of the house without my crazies. Ryan had a game in 
Yountville which is right by Napa so Beth {a good friend, her husband and Ryan are the coaches} and I went into the cute little town of Yountville and found a couple of tasting rooms. We did watch a little of the game but took off after about 45 minutes:) Then once the game was over the guys met up with us, we finished our tasting then headed to get some lunch. It was a lot of fun and cannot wait to back, definitely need to do that more often!!!

This little guy can now climb onto both couches. At first he could only get on the couch in living room because it sit a teeny bit lower but he finally mastered this recliner and coach in playroom. He was so proud of himself. 

We did this yesterday. We got Bentley's one year pictures taken.  I got a great deal and joined their rewards program thingy. That means we will be getting lots more pictures taken of the kids, maybe a family picture but I really wanted that outdoors so we shall see. It was such an awesome deal I couldn't pass it up. I've never been one to want to sign up for the rewards thing because who really needs that many pictures of their kids?! Like what the hell do you do with all the damn pictures. My wall is already almost filled and I am not rotating or taking any of these down. Maybe only the school pictures will get rotated in and out. Plus I take so many myself. Oh well I will have to plan out our trips to Picture People so I can make the most out of our freebie items we get.  Of course I got the disc of pictures so I can't wait to show you guys. And maybe just maybe all our friends and family will finally get their copies of all the other pics we had taken months ago:)

That's it for now! I hope everyone enjoys their Saturday!!!!


  1. Yountville is the best we were there this weekend. And hello NOTHING is the best thing to do ever!

  2. Jessica, thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers and support. it means a lot to me.
    your boys are beautiful. I bet they LOVE that looks like the one steve and I saw at a store called "Christmas tree shoppes" near us. we were going to get it the other week but decided it may be too big for our deck.
    I love the picture people pics of Bentley! he's a cutie! I hope you have a wonderful week! <3<3<3


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