Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Rewind.

Good Morning!

I got some great news yesterday that totally made my day or actually made my week or better yet made my month of August! I am not going to get any news better than this. We finally got a call that Cameron got into the school we want him to go to for Kindergarten to 8th grade....WHOOOHOOOO. I was so freaking happy and relieved. So this morning I am off to enroll and register him. School starts in just 2 weeks so I was getting anxious to find out any information and getting annoying with calling the district every week to be told something different every time. 

Sunday afternoon Ryan and I made it back from our 4 day camping Jeepers Jamboree trip. A shower and real bed never felt so good. It was a ton of fun and I can't wait until next year. 

This week we finally took our pup Mattie to the vet. She has had this bump/lump kinda by her nose on her muzzle area. One day about 3 weeks ago we just noticed it and thought maybe she got stung by a bee or something but it hasn't gotten smaller but hasn't gotten bigger either. And she hasn't been inhaling her food like she usually does. So we got her caught up on her shots and they tested the bump for abnormal cells and everything came back ok. So for now we are just going to watch it and do hot compresses to it.

Nothing exciting this week going on besides Cameron getting into our school of choice. And now all the fun begins. Oh and If I have time today I need to stop by Macy's to look at wedding shoes. The wedding is only a month away so finding a pair of shoes is top priority right. I know exactly the shoes I am looking for so I hope they have them and they fit right....fingers crossed!!!


  1. So glad your little one got into school - what a pain in the ass that is....also glad your pup is OK.....I think I think we might have gotten a house so stressed out and so over this crap.

  2. congratulations to cameron. that is wonderful news for your family! great to know that he will be in the school for the next eight years. :)
    i'm happy to hear your dog is doing okay and the results came back ok!!
    sending love and wishing you a happy wednesday, jessica. <3<3<3


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