Thursday, June 19, 2014


OH MY GOSH..... can you believe my last post was like forever ago. August 18 I think. I posted a pic of Cameron's first day of kindergarten. Well he has finished kindergarten and here is a picture of his last day.   Easton started pre-school in February and will go all next school year as well. 

Oh and school has been out for 2 weeks and I am so ready for it start. The boys are at each other non-stop all day long. The fight, wrestle, and horse around all day.......oh and Cameron's attitude....seriously he is's going to be a long summer....8 weeks to go! But you know what is going to be really sad when school does start up and I realize Cameron is going to be in first grade ***tears*** Yes I am thrilled he will be going all day but at the same time it's so sad because that's like super big boy status now, going to school all day:(  At least him and Easton will get some time apart doing their thing.

 The sun had just been blazing right in his eyes so of course he has a funny look on his face.

This was also taken the last day of school. The whole school took a field trip to the aquatic center.

No clue why he has a funny look. I took like 4 or 5 pictures and in all he looks funny...ugh.

 Well I am hoping to make a come back here. Not that my blog was all that big to begin with. I know of a few family and friends that always kept up to date with it and are currently giving me shit because it's been forever since my last post. I have been keeping up on my bloggy friends through instagram {just started back on there recently} and facebook. Some have moved and some have had babies and others babies are growing so big and fast just like my Baby B. 

And here's crazy #3......hanging with daddy at Cameron's school on field day.

No idea how I am going to catch you all up. Maybe a 30 day blog challenge??? I have been thinking about that for while now. Anyone going to do a 30 day blog challenge???!!! Anyone? 

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