Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Disneyland Day Two.

On day 2 of Disneyland we were up bright an early and got to the park right when they opened. Today we went to California Adventure. If you ever go to Disneyland you HAVE to get a park hopper ticket and check out California Adventure. 
Everyone kept telling us that a fast pass for the Cars ride is a must. So after we grabbed some Starbucks {yes Starbucks in Disneyland} and a quick picture with Mickey we headed to the fast pass line. It wasn't that long, it only took about 15 minutes. It's so worth waiting because then you get a specific time to come back and ride the ride without waiting in line for 2 hours. Plus if you have a small child who is not old enough for the ride you can get a riders swap pass thingy. So I took the kids first on the ride while Ryan waited, then once we were off Ryan got to go with the kids, so they get to go twice without waiting in line. It's so cool they have that. If they didn't the other parent would miss out on the ride or have to go by themselves. 

***warning picture overload***

Isn't the cup so cute?! I just love it!!!!

The kids were super excited to see Mickey.

Cars land!!!! The coolest place EVER!!!!

The Cozy Cone served lots of different kinds of desserts. And this is where we got pictures taken with Lightening and Mater.

We were watching the cars go by on the Cars ride. It really is super neat-O. 

Waiting for the 3-D Muppet show to start. 

We were walking along and came across this. We were walking under the water ride and looks like it was just drawn real quick out of the water. Pretty cool.

Bentley was passed out when we met Donald.

 Waiting in line for the Cars Ride. 

 They were all smiles until it started going faster and up little hills:)

 So I went first on the ride with kids then Ryan wanted to go and dragged Cameron with him.You can tell by his facial expression he's not exactly thrilled. 

 The boys loved this ride!!! I think we went on it like 3 times. Good thing the line wasn't that long. 

 Bentley really did love it!!!!

 Waiting for the Pixar Parade.

 We had to wait for a long time to get a good spot. The kids were crazy but hey that's Okay. They had a lot to be excited about!

Cars Land looked awesome at night. Everything was bright with lights and lit up. So awesome! 

 Waiting for the World of Color show to start. It was quite interesting with the 3 crazies waiting forever for this show to start. 

 Easton getting a ride back to the hotel:)

 Bentley passed out and didn't make it back to the hotel before falling asleep.

Passed out from a long day 2 of Disneyland. 

Stay tuned and come back tomorrow for our final day at Disneyland.

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