Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Rewind.

Not too much going on this past week at the crazy house. The kids were crazy as usual, if anything they were more crazy. They are off the hook on a daily basis. Maybe it's because they have been with each other for the past 9 weeks. Some separation will be good for Cameron and Easton come next week. 

The weather was kinda weird here for summer. It rained and was humid. Totally reminded me of living in the Midwest. Very humid and sticky and nasty. I cannot wait for the fall weather to kick in. I can't wait for cool evenings and mornings with a breeze blowing through the windows. We still have a couple months or so of this 100 degree heat left....UGH.

Last week my Mom had kidney stone surgery. On mother's day she went to ER and discovered she has some really bad stones. One stone covers her entire kidney and she had surgery last week to remove it. The surgery went well and they got most of it out but over the weekend she started running a fever and ended up in ER. She had a number of infections and pneumonia. She was is a hot mess.  She was finally released yesterday. Her breathing is much better and she seems to be doing ok. I haven't yet spoke with her this morning so we will see how she did overnight without all those heavy narcotic painkillers. It was so hard to see her in so much pain because there was nothing I could do but try and help to make her comfy. So that filled up the days this week going to visit her. Tuesday I took the boys to see her and she was so happy to see them. I took them with me on Wednesday and yesterday as well. 

The kids loved coming to visit Grandma because they got kindle time. They LOVE Minecraft. 

Kinda hard to see but Bentley found the foamy hand He just roamed around and took Nini for lots of walks. 

Last night Cameron had his first fall ball baseball practice for almost 2 FREAKING hours. Seriously they are 6-7 years old!!! Ryan took Cameron while I stayed home to cook dinner. And in exactly 6 days school starts so with baseball and school starting we will once again be on the go. 

I have a Stampin' Up! class Sunday I need to get ready for. This one is an easy one to prep for. I think Ryan will be taking the boys to see the new Ninja Turtle movie, however I just heard this morning on the news it didn't get very good reviews and is kinda violent for the little ones. I guess it can't be any worse than all those super hero and Transformer movies they watch. They are totally boys and love all those movies. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!! 

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