Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Rewind.

So earlier this week I finally caved I bought a new lens for my camera that I have been wanting. Ryan pretty much told me to just go BUY it. I think he was probably tired of hearing me talk about it. I haven't had much time to play with but hopefully this weekend i weekend I will have a little extra time since i am away from the crazies.


Another exciting happening this week was I FINALLY got my hair done. It turned out ok. Not crazy about the cut or the color. For the past few years i have been going to Cynthia's stepmom,Shari, for my hair but she retired last May. That was the last time i had my hair colored and only had it cut one time after that. Ryan can always tell when I have been trimming my own bangs because there's always hair all over the bathroom sink. He's been telling me for months to go get my freaking hair done. I doubt I will go back to the same place I think I will give Shari a call. No one can cut my bangs like her!!!

Bentley got a hair cut and was so good. I think this is like the third time in a row now hehasn't totally lost it. Afterwards we had some time before we had to get Cameron from school so we went to get some ice cream. We went to Big Spoon so yummy!!!




I would say the biggest thing this week would be my trip to see Cynthia. Lots of planning for this of what to do with boys. They can't just stay with Ryan cause he gets up for work at 3am. So we had to coordinate with his mom. And i also had to work out a good time Cynthia. So lots of planning and i am so happy we were able to work out a good weekend.


Today we just hung out got some lunch, coffee,  went to the mall, and went out to dinner. Its so nice to just hang out and spend some time with her. She has lots going so I know this visit means a lot to her. 


Beckett pretending to eat a green bean.

We had lunch at Lemonade....super yummy! Wish we had one at home. My salads were super duper good and this lemon macaroon was so yummy!

As Ryan would say my FooFoo lasagne. 


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