Friday, August 1, 2014

Month of Blogging????

Well folks I think I am just going to dive right in and DO IT. An entire month of blogging! SAY WHAT?! YEP.....just going to go with it. So for the entire month of August I will post EVERYDAY! 

I am going to challenge myself to get back into the groove. Hopefully within the next couple weeks the blog will see a re-do. I need to revamp and be happy with it again. Some days I might not post until after the kids are in bed and some days it might be early early in the morning and other days lets hope I have some scheduled to post automatic {I really hope I can get ahead of the game and have some scheduled} 

All month long I will catch you all up on the past year. Lots of things to write and tell about. Some old and some new. A BIG family vacation to The Happiest Place on Earth:) Birthday parties, a very special wedding {which was almost a YEAR ago} lots of school functions, and lots of other things going on. 

Of course I have to include a picture of this cutie. This was take last week on our little mini trip. Lots more pictures to come of this little dude and of his two crazy brothers....sometime this month:) 

I hope you will check beck and catch up on what has been going with us!!!! 


Thank you so much commenting, I love to hear from you's always appreciated;)