Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Stampin' Up!

About a year and half ago i signed up to be a Stampin' Up Demonstrator. If you've never heard of SU!  they are a direct sales company for all things paper crafting. I haven't really done much with it. I had a couple "parties"  and classes here and there. But I LOVE it and want to do more with it! I get so excited when new products come out and love sharing them and showing how great they are. So recently I put together a class schedule {trying to be more consistent} and put together a facebook page{I would love if you "like" my page}.

I am not sure how I came upon Stampin' Up! I think I may have seen something online one day. I was interested so I emailed someone local and met up with her and once I saw all they had to offer I was sold. As a scrapbooker {I haven't completed a page of my own in years} I loved all the color coordinating they offer.  They do not just sell stamps, which is what I originally thought. My main reason for signing up and joining was so I could get back into scrapbooking {that hasn't happened YET} and share all this cool stuff with my scrappy friends. My scrappy friends happen to be my mother-in-law and her close group of friends. I used to scrap with them years ago before I had 3 kiddos. After 2 kiddos the time spent scrapbooking went way down. They have been my main support so far and attend classes and workshops and order from me. I appreciate them so much:) And recently I hooked in my sister-in-law and my brother's girlfriend and I am so excited!!!!

I added a weekly series to the blog every Monday: Make it Monday. Every Monday will feature a paper crafting project. I am going to try and get more creative and into a flow of showing you projects. First I need to go through this 30 day blog challenge thing:) 

This is my crafting corner the playroom. Yes I know its a freaking disaster. There are a couple shelves off to the right I have some things on as well as the small shelf next to the big book shelf. This is my Stampin' Up! space. I keep all my other paper crafting and craft supplies in another area. That's all shoved in the linen closet in the hallway. It's a HUGE space and all my stuff is just piled in there. I really need to think of someways to store this stuff. Maybe I would have better luck at creating when I have a clean space to work on:) Its a work in project, oh and I did just finish a project so that adds to the messiness. 

If you would like learn more about joining you can click here:) Starting August 21 you can join for $99 and receive $150 in products. This special only last a week until August 28. 

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