Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Rewind.'s been like a month since my last post!!!! I did not realize it's been that long! 
The last month has been pretty busy and actually has just flown by. As I am typing this I cannot believe it's been a month since my last post and it's been 3 weeks since we left for vacation. As I always say...time just goes by way too fast. 

I would say the biggest thing happening these days is BASEBALL. Lots and lots of baseball going on over here. Easton had his first practice last week and it went great. It was short and sweet. However the next practice didn't go so well for Easton. So on Sunday Easton has his second practice and he was ready to go at home, he was excited, he got dressed super fast and was out the door with a smile on his face. We get to park and he's walking out to his him and he starts whining and complaining he's cold. So he gets his jacket on and still whining AND he didn't stop, serious meltdown. I tried for like an hour to convince him to go out there with his team. First he was cold, then scared, next it was too boring, he had a couple other excuses as well. So we left. 
So the next practice on Thursday went great. He was happy, ready to go, listened to the coach and did zero whining.   He has another practice on Sunday so we shall see how that one goes. And Ryan has to take him by himself because I have my card class. So that should be interesting.

Since we are talking about card class. I have only one ONE stinking card designed and nothing cut. I have my ideas in my head but it usually takes me awhile to figure out exactly what I want to do. So looks like tomorrow will be GO time. Oh but guess what....Cameron has a game in the morning and then we have a birthday party  after baseball. So I won't be home until late afternoon, then it will be time to cook dinner. I have had zero time this week. No downtime at all. But I will get it done tomorrow, luckily I do not have a huge customer base yet and once I design the cards the cutting and prep work will not take long. 

Oh and I got a tooth pulled this week....awesome HUH?! The good news I had like zero pain and at least it's finally over with. I had a root canal done about 4 years ago on a molar and when I was pregnant with Bentley the crown totally just came out when I was eating some jelly beans...seriously like WTF....a permanent crown just falling out. So for 3 years I have had nothing covering this hole in my tooth and while on vacation that darn thing like cracked in half so it was moving, it wasn't painful nor did any of the tooth fall out. It's been infected for who knows how long.  I knew there was no saving the tooth but had just been avoiding it for so long...i hate the dentist! I hate going! 
And this reminds me I forgot to call to reschedule my follow-up. Cameron has early dismissal 3 days next week, so I need to pick him up from school about the time I made my appointment for.

I am hoping to get around to posting some vacation pictures sometime next week...we will see. You all know how that goes when I saw I am going to post something....haha.
I hope everyone has an awesome weekend. The weather here should be great BUT we really could use some rain. Like LOTS of rain and snow. The summer is not going to be good:(

Sorry for the zero pictures....I know post are boring without pictures but right now my eyes are fading and getting a little sleepy.....oh and sorry for all the typos you may see:)

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