Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Rewind.

There's about a little less than 2 month less of the school year.....and I cannot wait. I can wait for all the screaming and fighting that will be happening probably the first fill day they are out of school BUT cannot wait to just have a little calmness around here. Like many families we have been busy with baseball the last couple months and everyone is getting pretty tired. 

Ryan and I are tired of all the driving. Somedays I am driving back and forth 3 times. First to drop off Cameron, second to pick him up and third either practice or games for him or Easton. I have only taken Cameron to practice twice. Ryan is usually the one who takes him and I stay home and cook dinner. Yes we did choose to put him in an open school and not our home so we expected this BUT UGH!!! Oh and not to mention Cameron has practice 3 times a week plus 2 games a week. I can tell he's getting a little tired as well. Don't get me started on the practice schedule. 
Okay enough of that complaining and venting crap:)

 When will the smart-ass back talk stop?! Does it really continue to get worse? We have been buckling down and Cameron is just getting sent straight to his room with all his games taken away for a long time until he cuts that crap out. 

And on the other hand Easton has been doing so well with baseball, school, and speech. He still can have his little meltdowns but they don't last as long and are not as bad. WE just have to constantly remind him that as long as he's good and behaves he can play his games and they won't get taken away. So rewarding him with good behavior seems to be working now. BUT everyone in awhile he does have his moments. 

  Hes gotta have his shades on to keep the sun out. He tends to take them on and off several times.  All three of the boys got some cool shade in their Easter Baskets from Grandma.

Easton had a field trip earlier this week. We went to check out a new park in our area. It had a really nice walking/biking trail with cool little exercise stations. Easton had a blast running wild with all his friends. His favorite thing was the mini little zip line. 

When do boys stop peeing all over the damn place?! A day after I bleached the bathrooms Cameron pees {seriously} all over the freaking place and I was standing right there. I told Ryan he needs to be re-trained on how to freaking pee!!!!

Tonight Cameron had a great game and he had Open House. Tonight he finally got his first hit!!! Whoohooo!!! This has been a huge struggle for him. He hits the ball great off the coaches and when him and Ryan practice but cannot hit it off the kids yet. I do know he was scared at the beginning but hopefully this hit will get him started and he will keep at it. He also got to pitch for the first time tonight as well. It was horrible. He only threw one strike and walked a few and hit 2 batters BUT that's okay. We are so proud he went out there and tried. He still needs some more time before he can really start pitching. It's still too far for him to throw. A lot of pitches were short in the dirt and almost all were the rainbow throws. Then after his game tonight we had to rush over to Open House. Of course he was wild and crazy by that point because he did get the game ball and that had him all fired up. 

Open House. We made just in time only about 25ish minutes left before it was over:)

Have an awesome weekend!!!! We are off to more baseball tomorrow and a school fundraiser Sunday:) Good times. Fun times. Crazy times. proofreading on this tonight. I can barely keep my eyes...time for bed!

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  1. I was saying the other day to my husband - my job has become me taking care of my daughters social schedule. I feel like a chauffeur half the time and a assistant the other half the time. Back and forth. In and Out. every weekend 3 birthdays, swim classes and dance ect...I am so tired. I so look forward to the days that we have nothing to do.....I feel ya sista


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