Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Rewind.

Things are finally starting to slow down around here. It was a short school week and our first week with no baseball. Next week will be a little hectic but its all good because we can rest after that. 

I will have a busy weekend trying to gather and print pictures to finish Cameron's teachers mini book I am making her for an end of the year gift. I just started the cover tonight and I am super excited the way it looks so far. Although my feelings not hat could change once I start to add embellishments. 

Cameron's school has a Parent Appreciation Day where they invite all the parents to the classrooms and the students usually sing and put on a little performance and serve us little desserts. Cameron's class this year sang a couple songs and then read a book to their parents. It's really sweet to see the kids get super excited to do this for their parents. One thing I forgot to do was to get a picture of Cameron and I:( kinda bummed about that. 

Last night we headed to a pizza party in the park for Cameron's end of the season baseball party. The kids ran around and had blast. Easton and Bentley got down on some cake. 

My seeds in the garden have just started sprouting .....super excited about that! I just got a couple more packets today...carrots and onions, I plan on planting them tomorrow. Now if I could Bentley to stop picking off the leaves and pulling up the plants....UGH...damn kid!!!!

I am obsessing over the Ronald McDonald House Charity stamp set Stampin' Up! has in the new catalog, which will be available to order starting on Tuesday. I couldn't resist playing around with it.....when really I should have been doing something for my teacher book I am making. 

Cameron has always been into mowing the lawn with Ryan since he was a toddler. A couple months Ryan let him have a hand in helping mow the lawn. I think the last time he mowed he was out there for LONG time just mowing away while Ryan sat, watched, and ate some otter-pops. 

Oh and I totally loving this gel nail polish crap. Seriously like the BEST thing ever. I have had painted nails since Sunday and NO chipping whatsoever! So awesome! I think I am hooked now!!

One last thing...whoever came up with the saying...."The Terrible Twos" ...your child must have been a freaking angel because in our household it's more like the "HORRIBLE THREES"!!!! When will it end?!

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