Sunday, May 24, 2015

This and That.

Well lots of random things happening around our hood. The school year is just about over with {whoohooo} and baseball has officially ended this past Friday. Cameron's team played and won the Championship game Friday night.

Last weekend was Bentley's birthday and his party. Lots of planning and prepping for that {glad that's over with}. 

In between baseball games last weekend we had just enough time to run and get Bentley a haircut before his big party on Sunday and this was his little treat.

Then it was my birthday a couple days after Bentley's. Ryan broke the rules again and surprised me with a gift certificate for a mani and pedi and since Cynthia was in town visiting for a week he got her one too that way I would have to go OR it would take me months to go use it {we went this morning on our mani/pedi date}.

Don't let the white legs blind you!

Cynthia, Beckett, and Rebecca came to visit us at Easton's game earlier in the week and it just happened to be my birthday.

After Easton's game they had their "team party" where the kids get their trophies. All the kids always look forward to that and cannot wait. 

I still have lots to do for the mini book I am making Cameron's teacher for an end of the year gift. I need to sift through the pictures on our class shutter fly account and pick out some pictures then I can really get moving on it. I have no clue what I am going to do for Easton's teachers but feel I need something easy....I will be searching Pinterest for that. 

Have I mentioned that I tracked how long I spend in the car in a week?! Well on average in 7 days I am spending about 16 hours in my car driving....AND I DON'T HAVE A JOB! My job is driving my kids to and from school and to and from baseball. 

I finally got our garden planted today! It feels good to finally have that done. It's been on my to-do list for weeks now. We might be putting a fence up around it. I am little worried about Mattie {the dog} but I think even more worried about Bentley. He was already picking some of the leaves off the plants....damn kid!!!

 Ryan has been itching to take the Jeep out. So since I already had my date planned with Cynthia he said it was just going to be him and  the boys~minus Bentley. So off they went yesterday afternoon. I was a little nervous about it since there is no cell reception where he was going. They made it back this afternoon safe and the Jeep was still in one piece. 

 Last year we had a horrible fire in the sierra that torched acres and acres of land, of forest. Ryan said it was absolutely heart breaking to see it. 

 Ryan managed to snap a few pictures for me:)

Easton had a field trip to the county fair this past week. The kids checked out some cool exhibits....a huge jenga game, bubbles, huge chess and operation. There was lots of things to check out. We watched the pig races {Easton loved those} and checked out the goats. 

Love his sweet little half smile.

Now this is embarrassing.....I took Cameron to school with different colored shoes on. My mommy friend noticed it and pointed it out to me as we were walking back to our cars. I was so embarrassed. And I had errands to run after dropping off Cameron so I wasn't going to back home....I had to go and about like that!!! I guess I will make sure there is a light on in our bedroom next time I get my shoes on. 

Hoping to get a new card made tomorrow for make it Monday using some new products!!!! So excited about the new Ronald McDonald House stamp set!!!!

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