Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Rewind.

What a nice quiet week we had {minus the yelling and screaming} not much going on and that was nice for a change. The kids have been fairly good...not too bad but Cameron's smart mouth is going to get him into big trouble. Cameron and Easton have had their fair share of video games the last week. But come Monday we are starting a daily schedule, so all that video game time will becoming to an end and that's not going to go over well. I let them slack off for a week since school has been out but the vacation is over!

Poor Ryan finally made it back to work yesterday and Bentley had caught whatever it was as well and he finally is having normal poops now. He had the nastiest runniest puddle of poopie liquid in his diaper the other day. This was by far the worst one during the 5 days he had it. It was dripping down his was sick. He. Needed. A. Bath! And now that the poopies are gone we can really start this potty training crap....oh joy! Fun times!

I am finally officially signed up for a craft fair next weekend and I am debating signing up for another one the following weekend. Both are kinda expensive for me but I am hoping they turn out to be bigger and better than the others I have done. I will be getting ready for that all next week. But first I have to finish getting ready for card class on Sunday and putting together some little bags for my loyal customers who have been coming to class, placing orders, and supporting my little business while I am still trying to build it. 

I promised the kids Monday I would take them to go spend giftcards they got for Christmas.  They get so much because their birthdays are right before Christmas we make them wait to spend it. We had to hit up Target and Toys R Us. And actually it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be....still bad though What I should have done was brought my Mom with me or just let her take them. She loves to do that kind of crap with the kids. It was like Christmas freaking morning when we got home after they opened everything up. Between the 3 of them they had spent like $175!!!

Yesterday the kids and I went over to our friends house for a little swimming. The kids of course had a blast and can't wait to go back. Bentley keeps saying he wants to go back and the way he says it is so stinking cute. He's talking so good these days and the way he says things is freaking cute. 

The other day I hit my bad ghetto toenail on the door frame coming into the house from the backyard. I guess I didn't lift my foot up all the way and whacked my toe and it hurt like a mother. Then it started bleeding then Ryan and the kids were grossed out. I will spare you the picture I took of it. Yes I took a picture and sent it to Cynthia, Jen, and my Mom....LOL. I have had issues with this toenail forever now. I remember going to the doctor like over 10 years ago asking about it and now look at the freaking thing. It even fell off a couple years after getting hit a couple different times but the new nail was already growing under and it grew back the same. Cynthia is always telling me remedies like apple cider vinegar and coconut oil but at this point I think it's beyond repair. I even tried tea tree oil for awhile. Then of course tonight {while I was changing Bentley's underwear because his only accident in them today was a big fat poop} he felt the need to kick me and kicked my freaking toenail so yet again it was bleeding but only a teeny bit this time and hurts like a mo fo.

Here is the poor little snail the boys captured and held in a big container for a whole 24hours until Bentley cracked it's poor shell then decided to throw it in the outside garbage. 

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