Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Rewind.

Three weeks and counting!!!! 20 days left until school starts!!! Cameron has been rather lazy the last few weeks when it comes to doing anything school related. I cannot get him to read or write or do any math without complaining or not giving it 100%. So the last 3 weeks of summer break will be bootcamp for him. He totally needs it! I don't expect him to spend all summer doing school work BUT he needs to get back into the habit and since he's been a slacker and not listening when it comes to that stuff I am gonna get tough with him and he can either do it the correct way or go to his room until he's ready....he really needs to work on his reading.

The boys had their last swim lesson yesterday. They wanted to signup for more but since we are getting close to school starting I would like a little calm before the storm and not have to worry about leaving the house Monday thru Thursday every morning PLUS there are a few things we have planned and getting out of the house early around here when it's going to100 degrees is a must. 

 This time it was Easton crying over not getting a certain flavored lollipop. 

Last week we went to State Fair, we met my Mom and some good friends out there. The kids of course had a blast and wanted to do everything. They got to watch their favorite show...which was the Motor Bikes {that's what the kids call them}. They love watching the bikes jump and do crazy stuff. 

A couple weekends ago we took Bentley to see his first movie at the Theaters, the Minion Movie. All three loved it and thought it was so funny. Bentley did great and only had to go to the bathroom twice. That's something else I needs to talk about. The potty training is going GREAT and he is I would say 100% trained. He's never really had an accident out and about and finally is going poop in he toilet and not in his underwear. I am so happy we are over that. Grandma is going to take him shopping for a new toy because of his accomplishment:)

I was trying to get a decent picture but I had to keep backing up and Ryan was like OKAY enough pictures. I love my 50mm lens but sometimes when I am close I have to back up to fit everyone. So therefore he is looking at whatever and Cameron is out of focus. 

I had card class on Sunday and the New Catalog Kick-Off Party. No new customers but that is loyal ones were here and that meant a lot. They keep me going and motivated to not give up. I appreciate them so much for always coming to card class and supporting me...I {heart} them so much. 

Last weekend we went to my BIL and SIL house to help break in their brand new pool. It took a couple weeks longer than expected to finish but it's finally done. The backyard is just about done. Once all the plants and flowers are in it's going to look so nice. I have a feeling we will be spending a lot of time over there in the next 3 weeks...we will end up there on the weekends when school starts. The kids are loving it, especially since they are like super swimmers now. Both Cameron and Easton have improved a lot just in a month BUT Easton I would have to say has improved the most. I am so proud of him and he's not afraid to try new things. Cameron on the other hand is complete opposite of Easton. He struggles with new things but still did great and is a much swimmer now than 4 weeks ago. 

They both wear these goggles anytime they are swimming. You should see the tan line....not cool.

The other day we decided to go out to the lake. Since we are in a drought here in California our local lake is very very low BUT it does make going out to the lake a little nicer. There are way more "spots" to pick just have to drive a little farther. It is pretty sad how low it is:(

 Mattie was in dog heaven.....swimming and rolling around in the sand....good times. She could barely move the next day and even a little slow today. 

We think the chopper must have been doing some training for all the wildfires. The chopper filled and dumped the bucket of water for about an hour. It was pretty cool to see and the kids of course loved it. 

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