Friday, January 7, 2011

Check it out....a super cute cool blog.

I have come across a great blog.... Kevin & Amanda. I just love it! They have some super cool fonts for all my scrapbooking buddies.  I have downloaded several already, there are so many to choose from. Amanda has some helpful tips on photoshop and photography that are easy to comprehend and understand. And who doesn't like great new recipes?! I haven't tried any yet but they all look super yummy:) She loves to bake so there are lots of sweet baking recipes listed. Check it out and enjoy.

Kevin & Amanda

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  1. Did I show you this website? A while back I was looking at ideas for scrapbook rooms and ran across her blog. I LOVE IT! I have tried only a few of her recipes but they all sound so yummy! The ones I did try turned out delish! The fonts are adorable too, she has almost everything in her blog (so jealous, lol).


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