Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Make it Monday.

When we {demos} got the the first peak at the new catalog last April I was super excited to see that we would be carry Project Life by Becky Higgins. I have heard a little about it and would see it at my local craft stores but I did not really look at explore it until Stampin' Up! started carry it. I was so excited because I was thinking this was my solution to getting caught up and I had visions of all the pages I could get completed. Well that would have been the case if I actually sat down and explored more with this style of memory keeping. 

The Little Moments Card Collection was the first card kit I purchased from the new catalog, I initially  only did a 2 page layout but recently I have been trying to do more here and there. A couple months ago I got about 200 prints printed from Shutterfly and discovered when I got them that lots were blurry. The preview of the print in Shutterfly is not very good at all and that's really frustrating. So there are several pictures I will not be using and now need some different ones. And it's amazing how much better our DSLR camera is than our little point and shoot camera. I got prints printed from both Easton and Bentley's labor and delivery and you can really see a difference in the pictures. 

A part of me started feeling a guilty as I was just slipping Easton's pictures into the slots, like I was taking the easy way out. Cameron's scrapbook {the first 10 months of his life} is so detailed and each page is a full blown scrapbook page BUT it's not fair that Easton does not have any baby pictures to look at in a nice book like Cameron does. I do plan to add some traditional type of pages here and there. Especially when I discover pictures that I really want in the book but didn't get prints, those are the ones I can go back and add a traditional page or two. 

I am hoping to add a Memory Keeping class sometime soon if I can get enough interest. I am still trying to grow my customer {which is much harder than someone might actually admit to}. I want to show that you can still do Memory Keeping and add your own personal touches by dressing up the cards from the card kits or even making your own cards with your favorite paper.

Here is the video from Stampin' Up! showing a preview of the Little Moments Card Collection. This is a great card kit. it's neutral so it can be for either a boy or girl. And would even be great to use for baby shower pictures especially if the sex of the baby is unknown. Once you have pictures printed it really is that easy to slip the cards into the slots. 

Here are a few pictures of what the cards look like in the card kit. It's really hard to get a decent picture of the actual pages. The glare from the page protector is very bad and I tried to get it at a good angle. Of course it looks way better in person.

 I tried taking a panoramic picture with my phone to get the 2 pages together...it kinda worked. 

 And of course I need to do some journaling on this page. I love the journal cards because it forces you to just write it down and not wait until later to print it out. I used to only print it out but LOVE the handwriting in the books. 

The bottom right family picture here is just placed in. I need to get a new copy made...this one is blurry:(

Here are some of the items I used:

Built for Free Using: My Stampin Blog

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Friday Rewind {On Sunday}.

This was all typed up Friday morning.......

Another week in the books. Another week has come and gone. Lots of the same old stuff going on around here. Today I am taking Easton and Bentley to a play place called Wacky Tacky. I used to take  Cameron and Easton here all the time. We are going to meet up with my mom friends from Cameron's class and their littles. Easton is going to be super excited once he finds out and Cameron is  going to freak out and be pissed we went without him.

I am excited we have no baseball today, tomorrow, or Sunday. It makes for some very busy nights when we don't get home until about 8. Since it takes us about 30 minute to get to the ball park once we get home from school we are not home for very long and have to turn around and leave. Even on practice nights for Cameron he gets home about 7 and that doesn't leave much time for reading or anything else. And all 3 kiddos are still trying to catch up on sleep from the time change. Hoping they sleep in this weekend....YEAH RIGHT!

Last weekend we had opening ceremonies so the boys and I were at the ballpark all from from 8am to about 6 or so. My mother-in-law stayed all day with me to give me a hand with the kids and thank goodness because trying to do some things with Bentley would have been a nightmare.
We were a little nervous about Easton's first game because last year he messed around a lot, did lots of whining, and a few tantrums. Well we were so proud of him. He did awesome and listened and was so good:) BUT yesterday was a different story. He wasn't horrible BUT he wasn't super good. He walked off the field a few times in the middle of the inning to get a drink of water because he was hot, he almost started to have a meltdown and did a little whining. He made it through the game without a huge incident....thank goodness!

 He was covered in dirt!!!

 He was so excited that Dutch Brothers is his team sponsor.....we love our Dutch Bros and the boys love their Whip Sticks:)

He was so freaking dirty! The pictures really don't do justice. 

I went on 2 field trips this week. Easton went to the park to go on a "nature hike" and Cameron's class went to the local library and the class got their own public library card and the kids got to check out their books. That was a short one and it was only about 5 minutes from the school. 

Oh and I learned that I was a "chosen one" for Cameron's overnight field trip next month. Cameron's school starts going on overnight field trips in Kindergarten. They have been doing this for over 20 years. This year in first grade they go on a 2 night 3 day trip. last year's 2 day 1 night trip was exhausting so I can only imagine this year's is going to be even more exhausting. But I am excited to go because we are going to West Minister Woods. I went there as kid with my school in I think 6th grade {i think}. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Make it Monday.

Today's Make it Monday I am very excited about. I just love this card. I love the colors and love how it turned out. I got the idea from a fellow Demo, Lisa Curcio....check it out here.  I used all the same colors as she did but I did not have the stamp set she used, so I had to come up with a different idea with what I had and I love how it came out. And I love it so much I might make this a card next month for card class.  This is great because I just bought a new pack of pistachio pudding cardstock and in fact I had everything to make this card except for the stamp set. I love when that happens:) 
I love pinks and greens together. Each of the three times I was pregnant I was thinking of pink and green for a baby girl nursery......well we all know that didn't happen. I will just continue to make "girly" cards and hopefully get over the fact there will be no pink and green baby room:)

My goal for next week's Make it Monday is going to be a Project Life page and to have it done before Monday:) Hope you like my version of the card and don't forget to check out Lisa's!!!

Here are the items I used: 
Built for Free Using: My Stampin Blog

Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Rewind.

Every week when I actually do these Friday Rewind posts it amazes me how fast the week has gone by. I say this often....once you have kids the weeks fly by, really wish I could just slow time down a little. This week was loaded with baseball and a school project. 

Ryan was an awesome Husband and took all 3 crazies to Easton's baseball practice on Sunday so I could have my card class in peace and quiet. My card class with 3 of my faithful customers BUT I also had 2 others who did take the class to go and placed orders:) Love my customers and their continued support!!!

Cards we made in card class.

Cameron completed his penguin project that I thought for sure was going to be the death of me. He got the project right before we left for vacation. They would have about 4 weeks to work on the project so he lost over a week right off the start because we were gone. Then lots of baseball practice thrown in, we didn't get a great head start on it. But Cameron was actually pretty good about sitting down and doing a little at a time. It helped that I bribed him with video games and his Kindle and whatever else he wanted to do. 

Cameron's penguin.

Speaking of video games....I forgot to mention that last week I think. We finally let the kids get an Xbox. They put all their Christmas and birthday money together to buy it. We held off for a very long time but they just love that game Minecraft. They were so sticking exciting. Easton's face lit up the moment it was all hooked up and turned on. It seriously made his week! I wish we would have video taped it. Then earlier this week they finally were playing at the same time as Cameron's buddy from his class so they were able to play with each other when you are connected and playing online. We are still learning how to work it but luckily Cameron's buddy from school is an expert:)

I had a parent/teacher conference with Cameron's teacher. These conferences this time of year are as needed only. I pretty much knew what it was going to be about. Nothing bad. Cameron has been in the reading club for a couple months now because he needs a little help with his reading. She said he is well on his way and is doing great but needs to continue to practice and work on his reading and writing. He can be such a punk at home during homework and reading time. But I have see him get so excited when he actually tries and pronounces words and he wants to keep trying {that does happen on a occasion}. 

I had a Facebook Thirty-One party earlier tonight. The host is a friend I met through Cynthia. She lives in the mid-west so a home party for her wouldn't work. These Facebook parties are getting more and more popular. At first I wasn't really sure about them because the home party is really where you get customers and build relationships but for people that live out of town they work out great. I am super excited because Thirty-One is having an awesome deal this month for hostess. All half-off items are FREE! So if you earn 2 or 3 half-off items for being a host you get those items FREE! 
If you want to check it out go here.........

Bentley trying out our new Super sized umbrella for baseball. The pop up tent we have is awesome but thinking this may be easier to cart around {especially when I am by myself on Saturdays when Ryan's working}. We will give it a try tomorrow when we are at the park all day for Opening Day. We will see if he stays under the shade or runs and scoots around like a crazy.


Cameron got the game ball from yesterday's game. He made a great play playing first even though the runner was called safe at second {of course we all know he was really OUT but for real he was out}. He was super excited about it and took it to school today and is sleeping with it again tonight. I don't think he even knew what had happened. He just fielded the ball and threw it. 

Bentley is always outside playing in the dirt and sand. Well on Wednesday we had a little rain so it made some mud in the backyard. And so the kids dug a big fat hole and now they are filling it up with water. Bentley is dumping Mattie's water from her water bowl in the hole to make mud. And today I caught him in the bathroom trying to fill up a bucket to take outside. They were muddy from head to toe and let's just say they had to get undressed outside. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Make it Monday.

Finally after a few weeks off from Make it Monday I am back:) 
This card I am sharing today is a card we made in card class last month. I got the idea from another demo...Erica Cerwin at Pink Buckaroo Designs. I think she used the color Melon Mambo. I changed a couple little things around with my card according to the supplies I had on hand. You can always switch things around to make it work for what you have. 
I love this card and love the way it turned out. 
This would make a great set of cards to give as a gift.

Here are the items I used to create this card: 

Built for Free Using: My Stampin Blog

Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Rewind.

WOW...it's been like a month since my last post!!!! I did not realize it's been that long! 
The last month has been pretty busy and actually has just flown by. As I am typing this I cannot believe it's been a month since my last post and it's been 3 weeks since we left for vacation. As I always say...time just goes by way too fast. 

I would say the biggest thing happening these days is BASEBALL. Lots and lots of baseball going on over here. Easton had his first practice last week and it went great. It was short and sweet. However the next practice didn't go so well for Easton. So on Sunday Easton has his second practice and he was ready to go at home, he was excited, he got dressed super fast and was out the door with a smile on his face. We get to park and he's walking out to his him and he starts whining and complaining he's cold. So he gets his jacket on and still whining AND he didn't stop, serious meltdown. I tried for like an hour to convince him to go out there with his team. First he was cold, then scared, next it was too boring, he had a couple other excuses as well. So we left. 
So the next practice on Thursday went great. He was happy, ready to go, listened to the coach and did zero whining.   He has another practice on Sunday so we shall see how that one goes. And Ryan has to take him by himself because I have my card class. So that should be interesting.

Since we are talking about card class. I have only one ONE stinking card designed and nothing cut. I have my ideas in my head but it usually takes me awhile to figure out exactly what I want to do. So looks like tomorrow will be GO time. Oh but guess what....Cameron has a game in the morning and then we have a birthday party  after baseball. So I won't be home until late afternoon, then it will be time to cook dinner. I have had zero time this week. No downtime at all. But I will get it done tomorrow, luckily I do not have a huge customer base yet and once I design the cards the cutting and prep work will not take long. 

Oh and I got a tooth pulled this week....awesome HUH?! The good news I had like zero pain and at least it's finally over with. I had a root canal done about 4 years ago on a molar and when I was pregnant with Bentley the crown totally just came out when I was eating some jelly beans...seriously like WTF....a permanent crown just falling out. So for 3 years I have had nothing covering this hole in my tooth and while on vacation that darn thing like cracked in half so it was moving, it wasn't painful nor did any of the tooth fall out. It's been infected for who knows how long.  I knew there was no saving the tooth but had just been avoiding it for so long...i hate the dentist! I hate going! 
And this reminds me I forgot to call to reschedule my follow-up. Cameron has early dismissal 3 days next week, so I need to pick him up from school about the time I made my appointment for.

I am hoping to get around to posting some vacation pictures sometime next week...we will see. You all know how that goes when I saw I am going to post something....haha.
I hope everyone has an awesome weekend. The weather here should be great BUT we really could use some rain. Like LOTS of rain and snow. The summer is not going to be good:(

Sorry for the zero pictures....I know post are boring without pictures but right now my eyes are fading and getting a little sleepy.....oh and sorry for all the typos you may see:)