Thursday, May 26, 2011

Driver's License Picture.

Last week I had to make a trip to DMV to renew my Driver's License since it expired on my birthday. I never updated my address when we moved {4 years ago} so I never received my renewal noticed in the mail. I was totally unprepared to take a new picture. I thought I was going to be able to keep the same one {although I wasn't prepared for a picture that time either, its a better picture than this new one}. 

Last time I was at DMV was about 5 years ago after I got married and needed a license with my new last name and I was told anytime you change your name you HAVE to get a new picture, so last week I thought I was good and didn't have to get a new picture taken. 
At least my hair was down and not pulled back like last time. So, the new license came in the mail Tuesday and it's the worst picture EVER! The dude taking the picture was taking forever and just told me to look at the blue dot. They don't tell you to smile or anything, just look at the blue dot. I was kinda biting my lower lip with a funny expression on my face...... IT'S TERRIBLE!!!! I am not brave enough to post the picture. Can I have a do-over?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Good Fun Weekend.

Well this weekend was a good one for us. My husband and I got to have a night out without the wild ones. It was a much needed break for myself. I am with them 24/7 and rarely get anytime without them. Don't get me wrong I love my kids dearly and would anything for them and miss them to pieces when they are not with me but Cameron has been so naughty lately. He doesn't listen and just starts doing things to push my buttons, like touch everything on the counter tops and knocking things over and just doing things he knows he shouldn't be doing.

Saturday we went out to dinner with some friends and out to a couple bars to celebrate the big 3-0. It felt good to get out, put a nice shirt {there are some clothes you keep for "special" occasions without kids, they always seem to dirty and stain everything} and let loose a little. The people watching is always fun. Watching the older folks drink and dance is hilarious. There was this couple {probably in their early 60's} and they were dancing on the dance floor all by themselves, it was super cute and they were pretty good. Then after that all the crazies got on the dance floor and that's when the good people watching started {I should have got the camera out for that, would have made a great blog topic}.

Goofy smile {the flash was hecka bright}

Then on Sunday we met up with the family and an early dinner and some birthday cake;) And thank you for all my presents. I am truly lucky to have such a wonderful family and great friends. 

The little man sitting nice and good {for once} while we are waiting to eat.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


When I was 18 I never thought I would ever turn 30, it just seemed so far away and so old. The past 12 years have gone by so fast and now that I have kids the years seem to go by even faster. I knew one day I would turn 30 but I guess I wasn't ready for how fast it would actually happen. I couldn't be happier with my life at 30. I have a wonderful husband and two crazy adorable kids. It just seems surreal to be actually 30. I know 30 is not old so why does it feel so old?! {half way to 60....yikes!}

Yes is my birthday!  I have been dreading this birthday since my last birthday, I am no longer in my 20's. I have already started to get a few grays and some chin whiskers, I am sure the wrinkles have already started coming too but I am just in denial.
I am not doing anything exciting today, just another day. The high school baseball team my husband coaches made playoffs and they play tonight, so that's what we will be doing......I know boring.

This weekend Ryan and I are going out with a couple of our friends. I guess we are going out to celebrate the big birthday but really I just needed an excuse to go out and have a little fun.

I woke up to a couple birthday cards sitting by the coffee pot  and a gift certificate for a spa day {Thank you Ryan......very sweet and so thoughtful}.

So what's next?! What happens after you turn 30? Is everything just downhill from here? Is turning 40 even more traumatic than 30?! I am going to try real hard to look at my age as a just a number now and try to make my 30's even better than my 20's, it will be tough.....I got married to the love of my life and had 2 beautiful healthy babies in my 20's {that's going to be hard to beat}.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sunday Stew.

The weather here has been kinda weird for the month of May. Every other year or so we have a rainy May. It was cold, windy, and rainy Sunday so I thought it would be the perfect day to cook a pot of beef stew. It might be the last time for awhile since it won't be long until we are all complaining that it's too hot and we won't want to be eating HOT stew for dinner. 

I cooked enough for left-overs which worked out perfect because we had a baseball game and once again it was cold, windy, and rainy. It didn't start to rain until the 7th inning so we didn't get too wet. So the stew was perfect after the game. Our team won so that means we have our first playoff game Thursday night. And today was another cold, rainy, and windy day. I guess we should enjoy the cooler weather while we can because it's going to 100 degrees real soon.

Beef Stew

1 big container of tomato juice { I use the low sodium Campbell's }
1-2 packages of stew meat { that's what it's called at my local grocery store }
4-5 potatoes
1 onion
1 bell pepper
salt and pepper to taste

I usually cut up the meat into smaller pieces. Boil meat. Chop everything else up {small or big depends on how you like it} combine everything into a big pot and add some of the water you used to boil the meat in { I never measure it maybe like 2 -3 cups } Bring to boil, cover and simmer for approximately 2 hours or so or until potatoes and carrots are tender.

Sunday Stew.....I like that....hmmmmmm..... Maybe I will make this a regular Sunday post..............
The Sunday Stew......well we will see about that. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day Album

A couple months ago I got together with my scrapbooking girls at our favorite local scrapbook store {one of like two still open in our area}. We have been going there for a few years now. A couple of my friends had taken a class there and made these super cute mini albums. And I thought they would make great a Mother's Day gift for our Moms. 

They are the perfect size for 4x6 pictures, no cropping is needed. So for the past 2 months I have been slowing gathering my supplies. It's always a challenge getting what I need to finish up projects because it's not like I can just run all over town getting what I need in one day, it takes me awhile since I ALWAYS have the boys with me. Anyone with kids knows there is a time limit when your out and about trying to run errands. And plus I had to order a couple things online and then reorder it because it wasn't exactly what I needed. 

I finally just got all my stuff last week and busted my butt for 2 days to finish in time for Mother's Day. I ended up making 5 books total. One for each of our Mother's, one for each of our Grandmother's, and one for our SIL. 

This is the book for our Mothers.

Here is what the inside pages look like.

This is the Grandmother book.

Each page has a pull out insert with a tab for more pictures;) I put pictures of the boys in both the Mom's book and Grandma's book and then pictures of my SIL kids in her book.

Once I get the new Etsy shop up and running I am thinking of adding a book like this.....still working on that.
Hope everyone has a great weekend;)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

The boys and I walked the 15th annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure this past Saturday. We picked my Grandma bright and early and met up with Cynthia and Rebecca. 

My Grandmother is an 11 year breast cancer survivor. After having a full mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation she beat it and is cancer free today;) 

That's me in the pink thermal, Rebecca, and Cynthia

I had to get a picture with Grandma.

Grandma with the boys getting ready to go.

I wanted to get a picture with the boys but this is not what I had in mind.

And this is Cameron thinking he is so cool sitting in the drivers seat with the seat belt on.

Get involved and click here to find a race near you. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Early Birthday Present.

I have the bestest, sweetest, most generous besties a girl could ask for. I got to see Cynthia and her sister Rebecca over the weekend, their poor Mom, Vicky, was missing because she smashed her toe the night before. We met up at the Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure. 

Cynthia handed me a bag and said I had to open it now in front of them since she wasn't going to be home on my actual birthday. So I pulled out the tissue paper and saw this cream colored silky bag, pulled it out and was like ........................NO FREAKING WAY!!!!

It was a Coach purse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was so surprised. And still can't believe it. I feel like I don't deserve such a nice gift. Cynthia tries and downplay it by saying...."well its from all three of us and it's a big birthday".....whatever;) I feel so lucky to have such great friends. Cynthia, Rebecca, and Vicky have done so much for me.....bridal showers, baby showers, handmade quilts, and lots of love over the years.

I have never had such a fancy purse before. I feel like it should only be used for special occasions because its so pretty and I am afraid of ruining it. I definitely won't be taking it to the baseball games. 

Check it out.....isn't it super cute?!

I absolutely LOVE IT! 

I cannot thank you girls enough......THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU,THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Five Years

I meant to post this earlier today, like in the morning but things have been crazy busy around here and I never feel like I am caught up on anything. Right now I am working on a project and decided this would be the perfect time to write this post while the glue dries:)

On this day five years ago I married my best friend. I can't imagine life without him {probably because we have been together for 15 years now.....since we were 15!}. 

One of my favorite pictures from our wedding.

Happy Anniversary Ryan.....I love you with all my heart and so much more {XOXO}

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easy Peasy Scalloped Potatoes

I made these for dinner one night last week and thought it was good enough to share. 

4-6 peeled and sliced potatoes
1 can of Cream of Mushroom Soup
1 onion { depending on how much you want, you could just use half }
1 can of milk

I sprayed the dish with Pam to help out with the sticking. Peel and slice potatoes. Dice onion. Layer potatoes and onion. Add Cream of Mushroom and mix in 1 can of Milk. Bake at 375 for about an hour. Cover for the last 30 minutes or so.
And of course I had to sprinkle a little cheese on top:)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

It seems like every time I go to finish up a project I am in need of new supplies. Last week I went to finish up a mini scrapbook album and the dang hole punch broke. This was the last thing I had to do to finish up the book and the stupid hole punch decides to malfunction. I am also in need of a new blade for my paper trimmer. I am working on a few projects and can't have frayed edges and its been holding me back all week. So I think a trip to Michael's is on the agenda today.

Oh and the printer is out of colored ink. I think cyan and magenta or something like that and it won't print in black if it's out of one of the other colors. So a trip to Best Buy is also in our future. 

Have a great Sunday everyone!