Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Bunny Update

I know this is a little late but thought I would post this year's Easter Bunny picture. There is only one child in the picture and that's because the other decided he wanted nothing to do with the bunny. 

Easton was all smiles and giggles and hi-fiving the bunny until it was time to sit on his lap for the picture. He went into full back arching mode and everything. There was no way he was going to be a part of the picture. It even took a little convincing for Cameron to sit there. So needless to say I was a little disappointed, the damn kid ruined my picture.....oh well there's always next year {Yeah Right!}.

Oh and can I say the quality of this picture sucks. Its super dark. It may not show up here but believe me it is and its definitely not worth the $25.00 or whatever it was for 2 5X7's. I think the mall switched companies because they had a new Santa last year and this was a new bunny. At Christmas time I will scouting it out ahead of time, I think we might have to go to the other mall next time. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dammit and Shit.

I must be the worst mom in the world. Cameron is now saying dammit and shit.

When he says its kinda hard not to smile because the way he says is so funny. It's crazy that he knows how to use it, he uses it in the right context every time. 
I am so bad. I say dammit like a million times a day. Lately I really have been trying my very hardest to stop. He is really starting to listen and repeat lots of things now, so we really have to watch what we say around him.

When the kids make a mess or Cameron hits Easton and makes him cry I burst out the "dammit". I don't say Shit nearly as much, mostly when watching baseball games. 

One day we had the Giants game on and the Giants had runners on 2nd and 3rd and the batter hit a foul ball, well Cameron thought it was a hit and the batter was out and  he starts yelling, "GO, GO, GO, GO, GO, GO.......OH SHIT!", exactly how I use it and say it. {I say that a lot when watching the Broncos play, the team Ryan coaches} 
I know this is all my fault. No one else to blame.  Ryan says, "Way to go, this is all you" and I am not denying it.  At least it's not the F-word. 

Happy Thursday All!!!!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Bunny

Later today when Ryan gets home from work we are going to see the Easter Bunny.
I am hoping this year Cameron doesn't cry. His first time seeing the Easter Bunny he was only like 3 months old so he had no idea what was going on. Easton cried with Santa so I am almost positive he will cry with the Easter Bunny.

We have been talking about the Easter Bunny for a couple weeks now, so hopefully that will help Cameron when he sees the big giant white fuzzy thing and he won't be too afraid. I also just showed him the previous years Easter Bunny pictures and he seems excited to go see him so we shall see.

As you can see Cameron wanted nothing to do with Mr. Bunny.......I had to sit with him {wasn't too thrilled about being in the picture}

And once again he wasn't too happy but at least I didn't have to sit with him.

Getting a picture with the Easter Bunny is more for me than it is for them. I am sure if it was up to them they would never go to Santa or the Easter Bunny, so why do I torture them?!

Anyway should be good times:)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gas Prices Suck!

I know I will be preaching to the choir here.....but seriously.......$4.05 for a gallon of gas!!!

Last night Ryan went to fill up our little Jeep Cherokee he drives to work and it cost $75.00. Last week I filled up the truck at Costco {where it was the cheapest in town...that I noticed} at $3.96 a gallon and it cost $91.00 and it wasn't even all the way empty. 

I really hope the prices start to go down a little because this really just sucks!!! But I don't see that happening anytime soon since summer is soon approaching and us folks in California pay even higher prices during summer months...oh joy! 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I just need to VENT a little!!!!

OH MY....I think I am going to lose my mind today.

So yesterday morning I was on the Internet and all of a sudden I lost my connection. Sometimes Comcast has issues and it will come back up in a few minutes or so. I reset the modem and wireless router and still nothing. I called to see if there were any issues in the area and there were none. I didn't have time to deal with it so I was hoping when I woke up this morning it all be good and we would have Internet.......but NO.

So I called Comcast and was on the phone for 45 minutes and they told me it must be my browser, Internet Explorer, because everything we checked was working fine. They said I could be transferred to some department and pay a fee......I said no thanks. 

Mean while the kids are destroying everything. Cameron decided to spit out his apple juice on the floor and Easton comes along and steps in it falls and hits the back of his head. So now I have a screaming toddler while trying to talk to this dude to fix the damn Internet. So now I have to take the computer into our closet. Why the closet you ask.....well that is where our modem and router are hooked up at (the previous owners had their little office set up in the closet and we just left the hook-ups in there) and I had to hook the modem up directly to the laptop. So while I am in the closet the kids are now destroying our bedroom. Pulling out magazines and books, papers from my shred box (yes I am terrible at shredding and have a "shred Box"). 

So after I hung up and wasting almost an hour of my day I was trying to troubleshoot the computer myself and noticed we had a Google Chrome I clicked it and BAM....there was the Internet. I have no idea what the hell happened to Internet explorer. Google Chrome looks different but oh well, it gets us online now.  

And the kids are still driving me bonkers. Cameron decided to eat butter  that was left on the counter and then spit it back into the butter container. Easton is climbing onto everything and can open all the doors. Cameron is hittng Easton and just not listening. It's going to be one of those days. I love my kids dearly with all my heart and would do anything for them but a break every now and then would be nice......oh well I am used to dealing with their craziness and look forward to my glass of wine and bed time tonight. 

So now I have to get used to this Google Chrome browser and fingers crossed we don't lose this connection.

Sorry for the long boring post.....Hope everyone has a nice weekend. I am off to repair and clean up my house now;)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rivercats Game

I keep saying to myself I am going to be better about posting.....but that hasn't happened yet. 

Once again another busy week but I think today we are going to take a day off and only head to the store to get diapers and a few other things. If it wasn't for the diapers I wouldn't be leaving the house at all today. I think we are even going to skip the baseball game today. The weather isn't looking all that great at the moment, currently its cold, cloudy, and just started to sprinkle.
I am not going to be stuck outside in the rain with 2 kids at a baseball game. We will catch tomorrow's game at home, so all is good.

Well yesterday the kids had a full day. We went to John's Incredible Pizza during the day and a Rivercats baseball game in the evening.

The kiddies riding a little kiddie toy at John's.

The Rivercats are the AAA minor league team for the Oakland A's. The Rivercats gave the baseball team tickets, well just the coaches. And we got a suite which was super sweet. We had our own little room which was great for the boys. They got to run all over the room tearing it up. There were chips, gold fish, hot dog, and hot dog bun smashed all over the place. I should have taken a picture of the floor.

Easton making himself at home in the suite.

Cameron with his favorite.....NACHOS!

Both kids were so good. Cameron stayed most of the night in the little balcony seats with the "guys" and was into the game, it was super cute. And surprisingly we stayed for the entire game, the boys were that good. I totally didn't think we would make it passed the 7th inning. If we didn't have that suite there is no way we would have made it for the entire game. By the time we got home it was almost 11, so I know the kids are going to need some down time at home today.

And of course we had to get a family picture;)

Ok and while I was typing this up we had not one but two poopy diapers. One of which required a bath.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cabbage Salad and My New Favorite Wine is another super easy and super yummy salad. I love sharing recipes because I know I LOVE to try out new and easy recipes myself. I am always stealing recipes from a good friend of mine because I know when they come from her they will be easy peasy. 

Cabbage Salad
1 head of cabbage
6 green onions
2 tablespoons canola oil
2 tablespoons sesame seeds (get the ones that are already roasted and you can add more or less if you want)
1/2 cup or so of sliced almonds (more or less if you want)
1 package of Top Ramon

1cup canola oil
6 tablespoons rice vinegar
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon pepper
4 tablespoons sugar
{Mix all together and keep separate until ready to serve}

Chop cabbage and green onions.
Brown almonds and sesame seeds in 2 tablespoons on oil.
Break up the ramon noodles and put all together right before serving.
I usually cook chicken with this salad. I like to chop it up and add to the salad. This is also a great salad for parties and pot lucks, remember to wait and add the dressing just before serving or it will become soggy.

Since your trying out a new salad why not try out a new wine. This is my new favorite wine at the moment. I think I only have like one glass left out of this bottle and probably will be finishing it off tonight;)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Ok so the little chunkers has a new obsession.

Poking and playing with his boy parts.



And this is what happens when I tell him NO!

He takes his pants off so he can rip off his diaper to play with his peepee, thingy, penis, whatever you want to call it. Yesterday he tugged at his diaper for like half the day. For everyone that has kids you know how expensive diapers are, well he pulls at them so hard he rips the sides of the diaper. It seems like he is going to be a nudest just like his big brother.

He did eventually get the diaper off. So I put a new one on him and 10 minutes later that one was off and ripped also so I had to put yet another NEW diaper on him.

The joys of having boys!