Tuesday, August 28, 2012

3D Pics vs. Newbie Pics.

Okay...I hope none of you are getting tired of seeing sweet baby boy. I wanted to compare the 3D pictures we had taken at 30 weeks to some newbie pictures. I think they look pretty similar. His little chubby cheeks and squishy little lips.....oh and his cute little chin all look the same.  His lips still look like when he's sleeping....so cute.
I think these 3D pictures are pretty darn cool and I wish I would have done it with Cameron and Easton as well.

So what do you think? Do they look similar?

Monday, August 20, 2012

3 months.

Seriously where in the hell did the last 3 months go?! Someone please tell me!!!!

I cannot believe this little cutie is 12 weeks old!

He has officially stolen my heart.

He is the sweetest baby ever. He sleeps pretty much all night, only waking usually once. He is totally giggling, smiling, and talking {well baby talk of course}. He is just the cutest! I cannot get enough of him.
It actually hasn't been that hard adjusting to three kids, much easier than I thought it be. Don't get me wrong...it's totally crazy around here.....but it's because of Bentley that its much easier. He's been in a little routine now for a couple of months, which helps so much.
He is almost rolling over, he gets stuck on his side and can't make it all the way over. He's pretty good at scooting around in circles on his back and tummy. Oh....but he's totally lazy when it comes to tummy time, just scoots around in circles and doesn't lift his head much. I think sometimes he might fall asleep during tummy time. He is doing this new thing where he sucks his little fingers while falling asleep. If you follow me on instagram you may have seen a picture.

And he is finally starting to open those little fists and grabbing stuff....so cute when he does.
I love this picture for whatever reason, his little grip is so tight:) 

Tomorrow night is going to be my first night away from this little guy.....**tears** We are going to a baseball game with some friends. It will be nice to get away and have adult time with no kiddos but that doesn't mean I won't miss this precious little face. He will be in good hands so I know there is no need to worry:)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

State Fair 2012.

Last month we took our annual trip to the State Fair with our friends, Jerry and Beth {Thank goodness they still want to hang out after baby #3}. I think this is our 4th year going together. At the beginning of the Summer it's something we all start looking forward and can't wait for it. Of course it was hot and sweaty but still so much fun. The boys had a blast, we left Bentley with my Grandma because it was too hot for him to be out in the miserable heat so he will have to wait until next year:))

First up......FOOD!

Cameron and Dad picking out a slushie flavor.
His new favorite thing he has discovered he likes.

A smile from Cameron would have been nice.

One of the reasons why we come to the fair.....the motorbikes.
These guys are nuts.....I love watching them!
Another reason we come to the fair......Monster truck rides!!!
The boys after the ride.
Of course we had to get nachos and of course Easton just eats the cheese.
Ryan trying a deep fried Twinkie....he says the regular Twinkies are better.

And there you have it. A few snap shots of our trip to the Fair.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Must Have Baby Items.

Here are some of my favorite baby items. This time around I have discovered a couple items that have seriously been lifesavers for me and I only wish I had them around with the first two babes. These are simply my personal opinions and my opinions only.  

One thing that has seriously been my number one item with Bentley is the Fisher Price Rock N Play Sleeper. It's a hammock thingy the baby can sleep in all night and hang out in it all day, especially when they are newbies and they aren't moving around yet. It's lightweight and easy to carry around from room to room. This time with Bentley I never even used our bassinet. The bassinet is a lot bigger and bulky and the baby lays flat, the rock n play is inclined so the baby isn't laying flat on their backs. And at night I can see Bentley, nothing obstructs my view of him and I can see him perfectly. I highly recommend this instead of a bassinet. Another great thing about it is the weight limit is 25 lbs! The weight limit on our bassinet is 15lbs. Easton had out grown the bassinet before he was 2 months old and had to move into his crib, the bassinet was tilting sideways because he was so heavy:)

Please don't worry my sweet baby boy was not suffocating and could breath just fine:)

Sleeping so peacefully.  I have a ton of pictures like this one where he is sound to sleep like a sweet angel.

Another item I am loving the third time around is the Moby Wrap. With Cameron I bought a cheapo Jeep carrier and both Cameron and Easton were not fans of it. It was hard for them to get comfy and it was uncomfortable for me as well. I barely used it with Easton, probably only a couple of times.

So this time I wanted to try the Moby. At first I always hated the wraps, they kinda freaked me out, like the baby is going to fall out or something. I read about it and asked around and decided to give it a try and I love it! It is a little intimidating at first because it's this long ass piece of fabric and I was like WTF is this?! But after practicing a few times I got the hang of it and both Bentley and I love it. He almost always falls asleep in it. When he is cranky, fussy, and wants to be held I just get out the Moby and wrap him up in it. It's nice when I am trying to get stuff done around the house. And it never fails right when I am trying to do something is when he decides to get cranky. It does get a little hot and sweaty if your outside in the 100 degree heat. I mostly use it when I am indoors.

My favorite receiving blanket is by Swaddle Designs...Ultimate Receiving Blanket. We got this as a gift when Cameron was born. All the other receiving blankets out there were never large enough to wrap up my boys. Maybe a 6 pound baby but not my 10 pound babies. With Cameron I used the Swaddle Me blankets more but Easton couldn't stand his arms being wrapped up and glued to him and this blanket was just perfect, his arms could be loose and free while the rest of him was all snug. And there is a little tag that tells you how to swaddle your babe just in case you forget:)
I always have this blanket in the Rock N Play so when I lay Bentley down and that way I can just wrap up him up when and if he gets chilly from the air conditioner. The Ultimate Receiving blanket is 42X42 inches where as most other blankets are 30x30 or 30x40. I like to use the Gerber receiving blankets for burp clothes. They are perfect when folded in half and draped over your shoulder. It covers almost the whole shoulder area so when baby spits up your covered on the front side and back side:)

After three babies I cannot tell you how many bottles I have tried. With both Cameron and Easton I tried several different brands and hated them all. My biggest complaint was they leaked all over. Tommee Tippee came out right after Easton was born. A couple of my friends tried and loved them, so I decided to give them a try. So far so good. The nipple can get a little inverted and causes the baby to drool a little but that's an easy fix.

These are just some of my favorites and I don't think I could live without any of them.
What are your favorite baby items? What was a lifesaver for you?