Monday, June 29, 2015

Make It Monday.

Well it's been pretty darn hot here. I wish I could say I have been staying indoors keeping cool stamping, scrapping, and creating BUT that's not the case. Today's Make it Monday card is another simple birthday card using the same stamp set from last weeks Make it Monday. You could use any color combo but I just love the pink and green combo. I love making a stamped background and adding a simple sentiment on top. And I am loving this new stamp set available in the new annual catalog. 

Here are the items I used: 
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Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Rewind.

I totally missed last weeks Friday Rewind. I forgot it was Friday until about 10pm that night laying in bed and I was not about to get up and type something up. No clue how it totally slipped my mind it was Friday. I was doing a craft fair Saturday and I knew that was the next day. Who knows my whole schedule is off these days. 

When does school start?!?!?!?!? I cannot wait!!!! Seriously cannot handle anymore of Cameron's crap. About 7 more weeks of dealing with his punk ass. Pretty soon he's going to be hanging out in his room all day everyday. I love my kids to death BUT WTF is wrong with them?! I swear they are here just to see how crazy they can drive me to be. I know I cannot be the only mother who has 3 boys who act like crazies all day long. I feel like the worst mom EVER. I mean seriously who yells and screams at their kids like me?! I just don't get why they can't get along and listen and just maybe I wouldn't have to go all crazy on them. And then Cameron proceeds to talk about and argue with me about EVERYTHING!

Tonight Ryan and I are going to a comedy show so I will get a little break and then tomorrow I have another craft fair. Last weekends craft fair went okay...hoping tomorrow goes well. It is suppose to be only 94 instead of 100 like last weekend. 

My set craft fair set up.

Last week and this week we managed to make it over to a different friends house to go swimming. It's nice to get the kids out of the house and doing something other than to the grocery store. It's too hot to go anywhere to do anything. It's just plain miserable out. My mom got the kids their yearly blow up kiddie pool which keeps them busy here and there through out the day. Monday they all 3 start swim lessons so that will break up our morning a little. They will do that Monday-Thursday  for a month. 

Staying cool in the pool and having water gun fights. I know we are in a drought but the kids have to be kids and have some summer fun. They use the pool water to fill their guns and I also use it to water my garden:)

Last week we started our daily schedule to have some structure. So far it's going okay. The kids still have an issue with getting off the kindles and video game when I say time is up. And if they can't start to listen a little better it's all about to get taken away. Then all hell will break loose BUT oh well maybe they will start listening. 

Bentley is always wanting me to hang out back with him. Yesterday he wanted me to go out and eat a popsicle with him in the 100 + degree scorching heat. 

Even trying to get out of the house and go for a walk is a huge ordeal. Here's Cameron crying in the driveway while we wait for him to tie his shoes. 

Two strawberries from our garden. Hopefully we get a few more...we have a pesky blue jay that was pecking away at a couple that where just turning red. Damn bird!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Make it Monday.

Today's card is a sweet and simple birthday card. Nothing fancy but still cute. I love this new paperstack, Cherry on Top. I think I will be making a few birthday cards using this stamp for my upcoming craft fair this weekend. As I was going through and setting up for last weekends craft fair I noticed I was low on Birthday cards. So many possibilities with this set,  I cannot wait to play around more with it. 

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Make it Monday.

I got inspiration for today's card from another demonstrator via Pinterest, Sarah-Jane at Janeybell Designs. I absolutely love this card. I love the pink and brown she used on her card but I wanted to use to the new in-color Mint Macaron. This is the first card I have made using the hardwood background stamp, I have been dying to sit down and create with it and once I saw this card I knew I had to make it. I don't usually make a card with no sentiment but love this card without one. It's simple and beautiful as is so you can really use it for any occasion you want. Hope you like my version and color combo:) 

Here are the items I used:  

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Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Rewind.

What a nice quiet week we had {minus the yelling and screaming} not much going on and that was nice for a change. The kids have been fairly good...not too bad but Cameron's smart mouth is going to get him into big trouble. Cameron and Easton have had their fair share of video games the last week. But come Monday we are starting a daily schedule, so all that video game time will becoming to an end and that's not going to go over well. I let them slack off for a week since school has been out but the vacation is over!

Poor Ryan finally made it back to work yesterday and Bentley had caught whatever it was as well and he finally is having normal poops now. He had the nastiest runniest puddle of poopie liquid in his diaper the other day. This was by far the worst one during the 5 days he had it. It was dripping down his was sick. He. Needed. A. Bath! And now that the poopies are gone we can really start this potty training crap....oh joy! Fun times!

I am finally officially signed up for a craft fair next weekend and I am debating signing up for another one the following weekend. Both are kinda expensive for me but I am hoping they turn out to be bigger and better than the others I have done. I will be getting ready for that all next week. But first I have to finish getting ready for card class on Sunday and putting together some little bags for my loyal customers who have been coming to class, placing orders, and supporting my little business while I am still trying to build it. 

I promised the kids Monday I would take them to go spend giftcards they got for Christmas.  They get so much because their birthdays are right before Christmas we make them wait to spend it. We had to hit up Target and Toys R Us. And actually it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be....still bad though What I should have done was brought my Mom with me or just let her take them. She loves to do that kind of crap with the kids. It was like Christmas freaking morning when we got home after they opened everything up. Between the 3 of them they had spent like $175!!!

Yesterday the kids and I went over to our friends house for a little swimming. The kids of course had a blast and can't wait to go back. Bentley keeps saying he wants to go back and the way he says it is so stinking cute. He's talking so good these days and the way he says things is freaking cute. 

The other day I hit my bad ghetto toenail on the door frame coming into the house from the backyard. I guess I didn't lift my foot up all the way and whacked my toe and it hurt like a mother. Then it started bleeding then Ryan and the kids were grossed out. I will spare you the picture I took of it. Yes I took a picture and sent it to Cynthia, Jen, and my Mom....LOL. I have had issues with this toenail forever now. I remember going to the doctor like over 10 years ago asking about it and now look at the freaking thing. It even fell off a couple years after getting hit a couple different times but the new nail was already growing under and it grew back the same. Cynthia is always telling me remedies like apple cider vinegar and coconut oil but at this point I think it's beyond repair. I even tried tea tree oil for awhile. Then of course tonight {while I was changing Bentley's underwear because his only accident in them today was a big fat poop} he felt the need to kick me and kicked my freaking toenail so yet again it was bleeding but only a teeny bit this time and hurts like a mo fo.

Here is the poor little snail the boys captured and held in a big container for a whole 24hours until Bentley cracked it's poor shell then decided to throw it in the outside garbage. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Make it Monday.

Well our summer break hasn't gotten off to a such a great start. We have been home all weekend. Ryan caught whatever Cameron had and has been in bed, home from work and hasn't left the house since Thursday. And it seems Bentley got a mild case of it as well. Ryan is taking an extra day off tomorrow then Wednesday is his normal day off, so let's hope he is feeling good by the time Thursday rolls around. I did make him an appointment with his doctor tomorrow just to be sure everything is okay. 

I  am so in love with this new Sprinkles of Life stamp set I am sharing another card made with it for today's Make it Monday. And I am so in love with the new in-colors. LOVE LOVE them. This is the card I gave Cameron's teacher with her teacher book with a little "thank you" note inside. 

Here are the items I used: 
Built for Free Using: My Stampin Blog

Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Rewind.

Well this week started off with Cameron getting ill on Sunday. He started running a fever Sunday morning and laid around all day sleeping and looking pathetic. By Sunday night he was looking better and even got up to eat a little bit of a salad and a Popsicle.

He woke up Monday morning and was feeling OK....BUT then we dropped off Easton at school and as I am standing there signing Easton in Cameron comes over and looks at me to tell me he just tell him to go wipe up so we can go home and change. Well he was also on the toilet seconds before we were leaving the house for school. So I decided to keep him home from school. I couldn't send him to school if he was sharting himself. He was pretty much normal all day Monday, only in the bathroom a couple times.

So Tuesday morning rolls around and he comes out of his room in the morning and stops in the hallway looks at me as I am cooking pancakes in the kitchen and says....."Mom it happened it again, I sharted, I just farted and poop came out". But Tuesday was field day at school and he wanted to go. I kept asking him if he was sure he felt ok to go to school, he said YES. So off we go.

We had to make a pit stop at the bathroom at Easton's school, then we got to Cameron's school right when the bell rang and of course he straight to the bathroom. In the meantime I am telling his teacher that he may need to use the bathroom without asking. Ryan and I have told him several times he cannot fart. If he feels a fart he just needs to go to the bathroom. So I left him at school with extra underwear in his backpack just in case.
So about 11:20 I am picking up Easton and get back into the car and have a voicemail from the school...yep I need to pick him up. Apparently he was feeling ok BUT had made a few trips to the bathroom and his butt was hurting. He actually told his teacher his butt was hurting. I felt so bad for sending him to school. He complained about his poor butt the whole way home. Then Wednesday comes around and he was pretty much back to normal but tells me when I pick him up he sharted at the end of the school day. And does he throw away the soiled poopie gross underwear like we told him...NO! He keeps them because they are Easton's Tree Rex {skylander} underwear and didn't want Easton to get mad. Sick. Gross. He brought home poopie underwear.

Then on Thursday Ryan started to feel ill. He got some help at work and was home before noon and went straight to bed. He stayed home today and will stay home tomorrow as well. He is feeling better but still not 100% so he's decided to wait until Monday to go back. And then earlier today Bentley passed out at like noon. That's way too early for him to be passing out. He was running a fever BUT then woke up a couple hours later and was normal. So I don't know WTF is going on with him. I am just hoping I don't get whatever it is and hoping my Grandma doesn't get it either. She watched Bentley like 3 days this week.....

On Wednesday I helped out at Cameron's school all freaking morning. I helped his teacher do a few things then the kids got their yearbooks. It's so cute to see all the kids looking through the yearbooks and asking all their friends to sign their name. So so cute! 

We got lots and lots of precious junk sent home this week. Like WTF am I suppose to do with it all?! I guess I will go through it and keep some and recycle the rest then throw it in a huge tote to be shoved in the garage. 

Yesterday was the last day for both Easton and Cameron. Easton had a picnic in the park and Cameron's school goes to the Aquatic Center every year on the last day. I was not able to go with Cameron because I had to take Easton and since it was his last day of Pre-school I opted to spend this special day with him. They played games, ate lunch, and got their little pre-school certificate. Cameron was excited to be going to the Aquatic center with his school buddy and then afterwards he went over to his house to play. The boys love going over there so it was a treat for all of them to go over and play with their friends. 

I finished the teacher book I had been working on for Cameron's teacher. I was happy with how it turned out. I kept it simple and tried to add a picture of every student inside. I was aiming for pictures of the teacher with each student or groups of students but that didn't happen. And I was not able to get all the kids to sign the book. I was missing a handful. 

I did not get a decent picture of Cameron or Easton on the last day of school with their signs. 

It was partly my fault because the sun was blazing right in their eyes. And Easton always has to have this funky ass face. Seriously why can't he have a normal smile. I will have to remember to go in the backyard on the first day of school. 

We have released a butterfly and transferred a chrysalis to the butterfly habitat. Now we are watching and waiting for the butterfly to emerge.

Here are the little notes the boys wrote to their teachers. Easton wrote out for each of the teachers in his class,  including the teachers that help with the special needs students. Easton really loved helping one of the little blind girls in his class. It was sweet to watch him hold her hand and guide her along and help her with things. 

Today was only Day one.....Its going to be a long 10 weeks!