Saturday, July 30, 2016


Ryan and I were in paradise for a week. And we were there with no KIDS. A week. A whole week! Need I say more. It was relaxing, beautiful, and so awesome.
It was quite crazy leading up this awesome vacation. The crazy busy school year was just ending {we left the day after the last day of school}, we had just went camping on the holiday weekend {a week before we left}, baseball season was still going on, I had just went on Easton's overnight field trip a week before we left and 2 days before we went camping.....needless to say we needed this vacation. We needed this vacation for our sanity. We needed this vacation for us...for our 10 year anniversary!

Everyone asked us what we did while we were there....our answer...nothing! We relaxed! We did things on our time and our was wonderful! There was only one thing we had planned and that was for Ryan to golf at The Plantation Course in Kapalua. Other than the golf we had nothing planned, that's the way we wanted it. When we were there 10 years ago on our honeymoon we did tourist activities and we didn't want none of this time.

Photo overload ahead!

Whoohoooo...We made it!!!!

Having some drinks while we wait for our room.

This road we called the Road of Death. We took a drive one day and the highway turned into a one lane seriously a one lane road with no where to pull over, super windy, and with hello tall brush. It was just a tad bit scary. 

But the road of death eventually brought us awesome little swimming hole!

Love all the bright colorful flowers and scenery...everything was lush and so green!

This was on our hotel balcony.....this partial ocean view was just fine with us.

***WARNING...GOLF PICTURES OVERLOAD*** With views like these it was hard not to take a million photos. 

The doors that open up to the First hole.

 Breakfast at the Plantation House. 


Sunset at the Kapalua Plantation Course Restaurant.

Sunset on Kaanapali Beach

This made me a little nervous when Ryan brought the phone out in the water...eeeeekkkk!

Our Hotel had a walk up bar about 5 feet from the beach...Room Charge PLEASE!

 FaceTime with the boys at the beach...they thought that was pretty cool. 

About the second day or so we bought these little plastic cups to take our booze down to the beach...can you guess what mine is filled with?!

The wind was blowing so bad it was pelting us in the face. 

We couldn't take any more of the blowing sand so we moved to the pool.

Happy Hour is the place to be!

A mom of boys will always find hot wheels/matchbox cars in the bottom of a bag.

We were waking up so early coming down to Lahaina was awesome because there was no one around and we scored on front row parking.

The streets of Lahaina.

After a couple days of searching for some "good" coffee we finally found Bad Ass and we drove the super far 3 miles every morning to Lahaina to get a fresh cup. 

While walking around Lahaina we would walk past this every true this is!

Ryan's favorite meal the entire week, he couldn't stop talking about it. 

Oh and I found a lego dude in my purse...only a mom of boys!

CHEERS TO A WONDERFUL VACATION! We had such an awesome trip and cannot wait to go back!

I love him! Happy 10 year Anniversary to US!