Sunday, April 29, 2012


Last week we reached a milestone in our household.......Cameron FINALLY started preschool!!!

I was a little worried on his first day. He was very excited to go but he is very shy and timid at first when he doesn't know you and clings to Ryan and I. Ryan happens to work in the area so he was able to stop by for a few minutes. It was a nice day out so all the kids were outside playing when we got there. He wouldn't leave our side for about 10 minutes so finally we said....Okay we are leaving now, he gave us a hug and kiss and slowly went with the teacher to go play. I stayed around in the area and did some shopping just in case they were to call and tell me he is crying hysterically and I need to come ASAP , but I never got that call. When I went to pick him up he was outside playing with all the other kids and they told me he did really good and even participated in the classroom during learning/circle time.
Everyone asked if I cried when I left and I did NOT. It did feel a little weird leaving him since I have never left him with anyone but family or close friends. But it will be good for him to be around other kids and listen to someone other than us.
So for the rest of the day that's all he talked about. He couldn't wait to go back. Right now he is only going Tues/Thu half days.

First day of Preschool.

And of course the little cold I got last week, well I passed it on to the boys. Easton woke up Tuesday with a runny nose and then Cameron started to feel sick Wednesday night and woke up Thursday morning with a little fever, cough, and runny you know what that means.......he had to miss his second day of preschool:( He was so sad when he first woke up and I told him he might not be able to go....he said to me, "But Mom they have tissue there" it was so cute and sad. They both seem to be better but still have those darn pesky runny noses. It seems like once they get a runny nose it stays with them forever.

And this is Cameron drinking the chocolate shake he got for being a good boy when we left him at school. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This and That.

***okay first thing first.....I am not sure what is more painful, the sciatic nerve thingy or the pelvic pain I have going on right now.

***I did not go through baby clothes last week...big surprise! I just started the other day and finally have one load washed and dried, now I just have to fold and put them away.

***It was like 90 degrees over the weekend and I thought I was going to pass out. I had boob sweat and pit sweat. And now it's raining but muggy. We go from 60 to 90 in a week and then back to rain. I would love love it to be like around 75-80 degrees for the next month:))

***I am still having dreams and thoughts about a little baby girl being born:)) I know I am crazy but hey you never know.

***I got a little cold last week and now both the boys have running snotty noses.

***Last week I had my 36 week appointment and I only gained 2 lbs last month....yay! So that brings my total so far to 34lbs.

***Crazy Easton got some go-gurt on Cameron's Leapster game and decided to wash it off in the bathroom sink...hmmmmm yeah, submerging the entire thing in the sink filled with water. So we had to get another one plus the recharging battery pack. I know there will be more of this at some point.

***I am blogging from my phone tonight as I am too lazy to get the computer. So please forgive me if there are any typos.

***Today we went to a little retirement celebration for my mother-in-law. Her last day of work is tomorrow. It's so weird to think she is not going to be working anymore. she has worked her butt off and deserves this so much. I am pretty sure we will be able to help her stay busy...hehe:))

***Finally making a run to Babies R Us tomorrow for some must haves before the baby's arrival.

***Baby mink's first present....from Miss Vicky. A couple outfits, a little stuffed animal, and if course a quilt;)) She made both Cameron and Easton a quilt so of course I wanted another one this time around. She does such a wonderful job and this one is so cute. Thank you so much Vicky!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I am looking forward to........

.......a glass of wine and an ice cold vodka & pink lemonade, oh heck....add an ice cold beer to this one also. more leg cramps or major pelvic pains that hurt like hell. more leaking.

........bending over.

........normal sex.

........holding my sweet baby.


........wearing normal clothes and having more of a selection to choose from.

........drinking an entire pot of coffee if I want.

........eating whatever I want.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Making Room for Baby.

Today I have 29 days left until my due date and we have nothing ready for this little guy. We don't even have diapers and the new car seat is still sitting in the box.  I finally finished painting his room last week so that was a huge step towards getting something done. It was a lavender color before so that was not going to work at all, now its a nice calming antique white color.

So now I have to go through all the other junk in the room and get it organized from when we moved. My goal this week is to go through all the baby clothes we have from Cameron and Easton. Some will get tossed/donated and some we will keep for this little guy. A lot I will be able to keep and use but this baby boy will be born in May whereas the other 2 were born in December.  

One major thing we did get checked off our list a couple weekends ago was finding a new car. Our family car before was our Dodge pickup, which was okay for two kids but adding a third in that backseat was going to be a little tight. And you could forget about storing anything back there. We find a great deal on a new/used SUV. The SUV we wanted when we got the truck but they were way too $$$$, plus we got a great deal on our truck at the time. I am loving the new car! Its so spacious and I love the color! The only thing we need to do is add a DVD player to it, which we will be doing in the next couple weeks.
So since we got a new car we had to say goodbye to an oldie. We sold our Jeep Cherokee. Ryan bought it when we lived in Iowa while he was going to school back there. That little white Jeep was such a good car to us. It got us and all our crap home from the Midwest. It ran great but we really didn't need 4 cars.

So over the next couple weeks I plan to get most of my to do list done. Lots of little things around the house, like paint the boys' bathroom {luckily my brother will be doing that}, hang some pictures and shelves {still left over to do from the move}, finish the baby's room and the boys' room, a trip to Babies R Us, and lots of other little things:)) 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. I know we did. It was crazy busy but so much fun. The boys had a blast coloring eggs and hunting for them. Cameron left some carrots out for the Easter Bunny then watched as Mattie ate what was left in the morning when we all woke up.
We went to my grandma's house first then my mother-in-law's house. So we do our family thing in the morning at home then spend time with my family then onto Ryan's family. It makes for a busy long day but it only happens like three times a year and the kids always have fun.

Easton going straight for the eggs.

Leaving out some carrots for the Easter Bunny.

Their new weed trimmers! Finally we don't have to listen to Cameron keep telling us he needs a new one. His old one broke a couple months ago.

 That's the best picture we could get out of them.

 Easton finding the loot inside the eggs. Easter egg hunt #2.

I am always trying to get a picture of the 3 of them together.....they are all together but maybe next time we can get them all looking at the camera....IMPOSSIBLE!

 My brother always has to make a some sort of face....can't he just smile?!

 Sweet little cousin Autumn.

Cameron now finding the loot in his eggs.

 Egg hunt #3 at Grandma's.

 Easton was Mr. Cranky Pants by the time we got to Grandma's. He took a little nap on the way and woke up in one hella mood:))

No tears this year with the Easter Bunny. Autumn came with us and I think that is the only reason Easton did this so willingly.