Thursday, December 1, 2016

December Blogging Friends Blog Hop

I am so excited for this month! I LOVE Christmas! And we have Brian King joining us this month...SUPER EXCITING! My life cannot get any busier right now, I am sure all of you are just as busy. My older boys both have birthday's in the month of December, I am sure you've seen that mentioned before:) Plus we have other family birthdays in December and my Husbands birthday the first week of January and 2 nephews and a niece with January birthday as well. It's a busy time of year. Oh and we will have twin nieces born sometime this month as well!!!!

Okay this month I chose to do a couple super easy simple and very easy duplicatable cards. I whipped these up in no time and I am thinking I might even use them in class this weekend. Yes I haven't even designed cards for card class yet!

I hope you like my easy super simple cards. Lets see what Jodi has for us this time around.

Rick Adkins