Friday, January 14, 2011

Doctor Appointments and Date Night

Yesterday the boys had their one and three year old check ups. We scheduled them back to back while Ryan was on vacation and it worked out well. Cameron wasn't too sure about the whole thing, he especially didn't care for getting his blood pressure taken.  Easton could have cared less, he just wanted to walk around and grab everything insight. Both boys are healthy and big for their age, but we already knew that. Of course Easton was off the chart when it came to his weight but the doctor said he is totally fine and not to worry about it. He freaking weighs almost 31 lbs....can you believe that?! He is only a year old and weighs more than some 3 year olds.

Easton had to get 6 shots! We were a little skeptical at first for him to get all 6 at once but the doctor said it's perfectly fine and it's up to us. So instead of torturing him again one day next next week we decided to just give them all at once, he did great! He didn't cry till the third one and he only cried for a couple seconds.

On a side note the technician that came in to give the shots asked if Easton was breastfed because babies with big legs are usually breastfed babies, he thought it was interesting that he was only breastfed for about a month and had such big legs. Well he is a big boy, have you seen the rest of him!

A little later it was time for DATE NIGHT......whooohoooo, finally a nice relaxing meal without the kids. It's always weird to go anywhere without them. Feels like I forgot my purse or something. Taking the kids out to eat these days is a chore and pretty crazy so it's nice for just the two of us to go out by ourselves. We went to BJ's for dinner and then went to see Country Strong.

Can I just say what a great movie?! I was really surprised to how good it was. Ryan liked it as well. It's not just a movie about a country singer coming out of rehab. It deals with a lot of different issues. But for such a good movie it sure was *ucked up but i guess that's what makes a good movie good, it's *ucked up. It is sad but anytime a movie is about alcoholism it's bound to be sad. It's sad how badly alcohol effects the lives of people and so many are not able to fight the battle and win. Some of the reviews weren't that great but we liked it and thought it was pretty good.

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