Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Feel the Need, the Need to Scrap.

I really need to scrap.

I am so far behind and I always have ideas that pop in my head. I miss hanging out with my scrap buddies once a month or so. And it's nice to have some time with other adults without the kids.

I have been working on the same month in Cameron's book for over a year now. I really haven't had many opportunities the last year, now with 2 kids it's a little harder finding a babysitter and my poor 75 year old grandmother cannot watch both boys all day long. There are only a handful of people I trust and feel comfortable watching the boys, so that makes it harder. And when I do have sitters it's a pain in the butt getting the boys' stuff ready to go to two different places plus getting my scrap stuff together and loaded in the truck. It takes like an hour or so to drop off both boys (at different locations) and then get to my scrapping destination.

I think someone should open up a scrapbook store with on site daycare....that would be awesome!

I am hoping I can try and get more done at home. It's hard to do that also because we don't have an extra room and all my crap is scattered at the kitchen table and then when it's time to eat lunch and dinner I have to clear it off, such a pain. And I always have to go referee the kids. For the most part they are good but it's so hard to get anything done when I have to constantly stop what I am doing.

My goal is to finish all those unfinished pages that needs titles or journaling. I really would like to start Easton's book but I haven't even finished Cameron's 1st book, must get that done before I start something new or nothing will ever get finished.

Hopefully I can accomplish something soon.

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