Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow Day

A couple weeks ago Ryan was on vacation. We didn't have anything big planned because well that was his last pick at work. He gets 3 weeks vacation for the year and they have to choose all 3 weeks in December and they choose according to seniority. But he did get his first pick, so that was awesome! By the time it came down to his third and final week there was only a couple weeks left in January and February. He choose January because he wanted a vacation before baseball started up. So we didn't really have time to plan anything big and exciting, plus we were just coming off the most costly month for know birthdays and Christmas.

 So we planned a day to take a drive to the snow. One of the best things about living in northern California is you can take a 1.5-2 hour drive and either be in the snow or on the beach. We decided to go to Boreal Mountain Resort. They have a tubing hill. Ryan really wanted to take Cameron tubing. So we loaded up the truck and went on our way.

Getting ready for the snow with his new thermals.

First of all it was a challenge to find snow clothes for the kiddos without paying $$$$. We couldn't find snow boots or snow bibs that fit Cameron. And if we couldn't find any for Cameron we certainly couldn't find any for Easton. They stayed pretty dried. It would have been better for Easton because he would fall then start to crawl but overall it wasn't that bad. The only bad thing was Easton's mittens kept coming off and his hands would get wet from the snow  and he really didn't like that very much. Plus his shoes kept falling off, then his socks got wet and once again he didn't like that either. And Cameron's gloves were too big for him so he kept taking them off and on but both did ok and stayed pretty warm and dry.

On our way tubing. So glad we brought the wagon.

On their way up the hill. There was this belt thingy that would pull you up.

This isn't the best picture but you get the idea.

We lasted about 2 hours tubing and being out in the snow. Which I think is pretty good for a one and three year old. Easton was too young to go tubing but we put him the tube and pulled him around, which he loved. When i first saw the smallest hill for the little tikes, I thought there was no way Cameron was going to go down. Ryan went up with him first and walked him down about a quarter of the way down the hill and let him go from there and he loved it. He was smiling the entire way down. They went a few times then Ryan made me go because he said it was so awesome. I went a few times but the first time I thought I was going to die. And I went down the smallest one that only the kids 42" inches and smaller can go down. You go so dang fast, kinda scary.

Ok......he isn't all smiles here but I promise he was.

 We all had a great time and can't wait to go back, probably not until next year. It will get easier as they get older and they will enjoy it more too. It was the first time either of them had seen the snow. It was kinda cool because usually Cameron has already seen something or done something before Easton since he is older. So this is one of those "first things" they got to do together.

 And this was Easton's tubing experience for the day.

 He loved being pulled around in the tube,he laughed and giggled the entire time he was in it.

Look at me......I am tubing!!!!!

 Cameron loved the snow, he is still talking about it.

We managed to get someone to take a little family picture.

The little man trying to walk in the snow

The best picture of them together the entire day and I think it turned out pretty good.

Of course we had to bring some snow home with us.

Ryan got stuck building the snowman all by himself. Cameron said it was too cold, he just stood by and watched dad and helped gather items to make Mr. Snowman look complete:)

Easton wanted nothing to do with Mr. Snowman. I think this is the only picture I got of him standing with the snowman. He would squat down and just start to cry, poor dude he's like get me away from this crap.

Cameron was so excited and happy when Mr. Snowman was all finished. He watched him melt away little by little each day.

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  1. I should be checking your blog regularly because I totally missed this! Love all the pictures and can only imagine what great pages you will have for your scrapbooks! :)


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