Friday, February 25, 2011

Whoooohoooo......Two More Sales!

So exciting to report we got 2 request for diaper cakes. I am so excited to be making a cake. I started one yesterday and will have it finished sometime today as it's a customer pick-up ( a family member ) but's still a real sale:) The other one is for a co-worker of my Mother's. I think most of our diaper cake sales will come from referrals at first. One cake is going to a baby shower and the other is just a welcome home gift so hopefully others will see our work and fall in love with it. As I look at the half-completed cake on the kitchen table I am so happy with the way its turning out, its so cute.

Here is a sneak peak........................

I am not finished yet but you get the idea. I still need to make a couple burp cloths, put on the topper, and adjust the bows. The other one I am making will be brown and blue for a baby boy. 


  1. A family sale is definitely a sale! My family all insist on paying full-price for my items, so it totally counts.

    That's looking good!

  2. Congrats! A sale is a sale!! So it definately counts :)!


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