Thursday, June 16, 2011

Potty Training.

FINALLY.....I think we are in full potty training mode!!!!!!! 

A week after Cameron's second birthday he started saying "pee" and would go pee in the toilet like a big boy and I thought to myself, oh this potty training thing might not be so bad after all........yeah right. All last summer he was going to the bathroom inside and outside, so I thought by the time he was 3 we would be good and done with potty training and he would have it down like a pro. Well he is almost 3 1/2 now and I finally think he is getting it! We haven't really forced it on him, kinda just went with the flow because every one kept telling us one day he will get it. We tried treats and a potty chart and nothing really worked.

He has been wearing underwear for a week now and has been doing GREAT! Saturday he had a bad day and had a few accidents {boys are just lazy sometimes}. Now he just goes in the bathroom pulls down his pants and pees.....I am so proud of him! 

Last week he started wearing underwear to the baseball games. I figured that was a good place to start. I take him back behind the fence and he pees on the foul pole;) It's so cute, all the boys know he is wearing underwear and they praise him and say "cool" and "good job".  

Going #2 might take a little more work, one thing at a time I guess.  He will go on the toilet but the past few days he has had some tummy issues and has had a couple accidents. 
One of those accidents was at Chilli's the other night. It wasn't a big deal. The only people who knew what happened were our friends we were there with, no biggie. Dad took him out to the truck and got him cleaned up {the Lightening McQueen underwear didn't make back inside, dad tossed those once we got home}. 

So the only time he has had on a diaper the last week or so was at bed time. I am thinking we need to go get some Goodnites underwear. He keeps asking to wear underwear to bed, sorry dude...not yet. 

And here he is in the backyard;)

I will be so glad when I don't have to ask him a million times a day if he needs to pee!


  1. Potty training is hard. He is being a big boy, keep up the good work.
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  3. I remember potty training my son and he would die if he knew I was posting this, but he was very difficult to train. He absolutely refused to go potty before he went to bed, so finally one night we had a standoff. We didn't leave the bathroom until he went potty. He yelled, screamed, threw name it. We were in there 3 1/2 hour before he quit being stubborn and went. The next night only took 1 hour and the next 1/2 hour. From then on, everything was good. He was one very stubborn little boy, still is, but now he's 24 so he's better at controlling it. Saw that you joined our group on Etsy and wanted to check out your blog. Good job!

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