Friday, September 2, 2011

The Blankets.

When Cameron was born Ryan's co-worker got us a baby gift. It was a HUGE receiving blanket {the best receiving blanket ever} and a soft knitted blue blanket. Both were from Nordstrom's and I have since bought these for gifts for others because I love them so much.

At 4 months old Cameron starting sleeping in his crib and loved to snuggle with his blanket but when he moved him to sleeping in his crib I was a little hesitant to let him sleep with a blanket because of SIDS and everyone {doctors} really frown upon babies sleeping with anything in their crib. I didn't see any other option. He loved that blanket so much, it comforted him and he slept so much better with it. He was a terrible sleeper to begin with so this helped a little.

Thank goodness for video baby monitors. I was constantly checking on him and he was always fine. If he put it over his head I would go in there and pull it off. We never had any problems with him sleeping with it. As a new mom with a new baby you never sleep good anyway, your up a million times a night checking on them to make sure they are still breathing.

I know some of you might think I am a terrible mom and how could I let my baby sleep with a blanket, well I really don't care what anyone thinks. This wasn't just any blanket. It is super soft and knitted,  it's not like a thick fleece blanket with no room for him to breath. It was the only blanket I felt safe letting him sleep with. And he has slept with it everyday since then. He is on his 4th one, thanks goodness Nordstrom's still carries them and I am pretty sure they always will.

Cameron at 6 months playing in his crib with the blankie.

Cameron at about 5 months with his sweet blankie.

So when Easton was making the transition from bassinet to crib {which was much earlier than Cameron because Easton exceeded the weight limit for the bassinet} he started sleeping with the same blanket. I looked and looked for a different one that was kinda similar but couldn't find anything. I wish they had a green one but only have blue, pink, and white {and there was no way in hell I was getting white} so matching blankets for brothers it was.
I put there initials on tag so we could tell them apart at first. But then after awhile we could tell them apart by the different holes each blanket had. And Cameron knew the difference between the two just by the smell. He would pick it up smell it and throw it back down and say "This isn't my blanket". Even after they had been freshly washed and dried he could still tell the difference, it's so funny.

Kicked back in his chair with his blankie eating a morning snack.

A couple weeks ago I had to run to the mall and get Easton a new one because the little hole turned into a ginormous hole and well just wasn't safe for him to sleep with it anymore.

 This one has seen better days.

Can you see the difference?! Look at the color.....can you tell which one is new?!

Easton's giant hole....Cameron made even bigger by pulling on it and trying to "jump rope".

So now they both sleep with their blankies every single night. They love those damn things. It's so crazy how attached they can get to something. Cameron is almost 4 and I don't see him outgrowing the blankie thing for awhile. I am sure he will need a new one before he outgrows it.

{Side note}
Sometimes I hate blogger. I had some other pictures of their "blankets"  uploading but stupid blogger was taking forever and the rest wouldn't upload. And most of those pictures are on our external hard drive. And our computer is on it's last leg and runs slow sometimes when I have too many things open. Whatever blogger!!!! But you get the point. These boys love those darn blankets and take them everywhere.
Does anyone else's kids have a security blanket or stuff animal that they are obsessed with and super attached to?!

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  1. OMG THE Cutest pictures Ever! Great Post. Each of my 3 kids had special blankies that they HAD to have to sleep and carry around...and they wore them down to bare threads. LOVE IT!


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