Monday, September 19, 2011

Family Fun.

Last month we took the kids to Marine World (that's what I call it). I think it's really called Discovery Kingdom Six Flags or something. Growing up it was always Marine World to me but when they started adding roller coaster rides to the park it became Six Flags. The boys had a blast and Cameron is still asking to go back;)

 Looking at the dolphins. Why can't he look at the camera?!

 Watching the sea lion show, it was cut short because Cameron had to take a potty break.

 Easton did not want his picture taken.

 The cute little dolphins.

 Standing in line to ride the go-carts.

 All buckled in and ready to go.

 He absolutely loved the go-carts and talked about it for days.

 Poor Easton couldn't go and he was pissed! Maybe next year he will be tall enough.

 Checking out the tiger.

 He wanted to see the giraffes so bad, he probably asked about them like a million times.

 The butterfly exhibit, one of my favorite things there. Couldn't take many pictures because I had both kids with me. Ryan stayed with the stroller (no strollers allowed) so it made picture taking difficult.

 Feeding the sea lions.

 We could have stayed here forever. The boys were so content watching the dolphins and the best part was there was hardly any people here. They had the whole area to themselves. I wish I had this at home.

 Easton was so cute chasing them back and forth.

 They would swim towards the glass and he would run away, it was so funny.

 Cameron called this the little monster truck ride. We were both surprised he wanted to ride it. He even said he wanted to go on a big roller coaster ride.....YEAH RIGHT!

 Dad had to ride it with them so I could take pictures;)

 There was a huge playground (we did this last) and of course they didn't want to leave.

 We were still there for the last whale show of the day. The first show Shouka the whale was not listening and the show was cut short but now the sun had started going down and it got chilly real quick.

 This was the second show we saw. Much better jump than the first show.

 Easton taking a cat nap during the first show. It kinda worked out good that we came back for the second one so he could see it too.

Why can't he look at the friggin camera?!

We will for sure go back next year. Maybe even more than once. Both the boys had a blast and as the get older they enjoy things like this so much more. I love seeing their reactions and I love hearing what Cameron has to say about it all.


  1. how cute! looks like so much fun. Your sons are so cute! The crying picture is priceless.

  2. Yay! I'm your 100th follower. Thanks for stopping by my blog


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