Monday, September 26, 2011

Little River Inn.

On our little getaway we stayed at a charming hotel called Little River Inn. It's about a 10 minute drive up the road from Mendocino. The hotel has an awesome restaurant and bar and I think the bar is the only one around with an ocean view, very very pretty on a clear day and night.

I love the lobby/check-in area, so cute and charming.

I made Ryan sit for a picture, he wasn't thrilled but at least he smiled;)

They have lots of pretty flowers all over, since we didn't make it to the Botanical Gardens this will have to make do until next time.

Don't you just love the key to the room?!

The Little River Inn has a spa, driving range, and a 9 hole golf course on their property.
We waited until the afternoon to golf in hopes the sun would make an appearance and it did:)

Some cute little deer were hanging out by the 1st hole.

We tried to get a picture but the sun was so bright. This is as good as I could lighten us up. My photoshop skills are not all that great. Some little old man named Dale took our picture.And Ryan ended up playing with him the next day just by coincidence.

A view from the 8th hole {i think}.

We got lucky and both afternoons we were there the sun decided to come out for a bit. So the second day after our round of golf we hung out on the balcony to watch the sunset. Then we headed to the bar for dinner and we got to sit right by the door {the door was open} so we had an amazing view but I left the camera in the room:(

The view from our balcony.

A nice man from TN staying in the room next to us took our picture;) He and his wife were vacationing, they flew into San Francisco and were checking out Northern California.

Next time we want to try and go with our friends. We were suppose to go with them a couple months ago but baseball got in the way of those plans. So let's hope next time it works out and we all are able to go at the same time.
That little trip went by waaaaaayyyyyy too fast. It was a nice little break but I think I am already needing another one and it's only been a couple weeks. We had a great time and are so looking forward to seeing the Little River Inn again real soon.


  1. jessica, love the pictures you post. I am living vicarously thru you. I added you to my blogs I follow section on my blog design page. Check out my new blog design- lmk what you think.

  2. Note to self: become friends before the next trip... lol, do you both golf? that is really cool. In all my business travel only once have I received a real key.. soooo cool, looks like a ton of fun.

  3. jessica, your photos are beautiful!! looks like an amazing getaway! your hotel looked so peaceful and pretty. i'm glad you had a great time! you're always go by too fast! i hope you get to go away with friends next time :)
    thank you so much for your sweet and kind words on my blog. <3
    wishing you a wonderful wednesday!

  4. Jess your new camera takes amazing pictures!

  5. Great pics. So jealous. I could really use a few days away. Sigh.

  6. Ohhh... this is timely! Hubs and I are planning a trip to this area for our 20th and have never been to northern Cali... any tips you can offer would be most appreciated!


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