Friday, September 9, 2011

Oh Pinterest.

I am so in love with Pinterest. Before I had an iPhone I had never gone to their website or really even knew exactly what it was. I had seen other bloggers post about it but never really paid attention until I got an iPhone. Now I am so obsessed with it. I could look at pictures for hours. I just started making some boards and repining pictures. It is such a great idea!

I have seen so many cool ideas for organization, activities to do with the boys, DIY home decor, and lets not forget all the yummy food. I have been obsessing over getting some boots and have seen a ton of different pairs paired up with super cute outfits.

I love wine corks so much. We save our corks and I just love this idea. I created a board named "Ideas for Wine Corks", I have found a couple other great ideas as well.

One day I wish to have a little craft corner. So this picture is posted on my "Craft Corner Inspiration" board. I love all the pink but doubt I would do it in pink since my little corner will be out in our living space.

This little creation I just absolutely LOVE. I so wish I could pull off wearing this. Isn't it so pretty?! I am really thinking about getting one. I just have no idea where I would ever night maybe?
Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

This picture is just AWESOME.....I LOVE IT! I am waiting for my BFF's boyfriend to pop the big question. Hopefully it's any freaking day now and when she finally does get married this is what we will be doing.

I have "liked" so many pictures and just started to create boards and I am having so much fun. And I love that I can do it from my phone. I wish I could post all the pictures I have liked. Such great ideas. I can't get over how much I love Pinterest!
Anyone else obsessed?!

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  1. Same here... kept reading about it but never had time to really figure it out until recently and now I'm HOOKED! Following you there, too!

  2. Great post - I didn't know what pinterest was either until just now! Will definitely be checking it out :) xxx

  3. totally obsessed I love it. That wine cork idea is so EASY but so BRILLIANT! that is the beauty of pinterest lol. I save all my corks too, I might give it a go :) Thanks!

    -rachel w k

  4. Totally obsessed!
    I will look you up.

  5. I am afraid to get a pinterest account and by looking at your finds, I should be! That bride's photo is great!

  6. love the cork idea and the headband...cute picture at the bottom too!! haha


  7. LOVE Pinterest! I am totally obsessed!!

    Maria {The BMC Report}


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