Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pacific Star Winery.

This will always be a place we come and visit when we are in this area. About 20 miles or so up the road from Mendocino there is an awesome winery with one amazing view. Pacific Star Winery is located on a cliff side and it's the only winery located on the coast of California. The Pacific Star Fault is a faultline that runs directly under the winery and is part of the San Andreas Fault system. This is a must see spot if your ever in the area.

 I thought this was cool picture.

There is a huge picnic area and it is also used for weddings.

On this day we were lucky enough to see a couple whales. The owner of the winery, Sally, told us they're a mom and a baby and said they have been hanging around for the past 3 months or so. Right as we spotted the whale Ryan ripped the camera from my hand and started snapping away. He was able to get some pretty good pictures considering the fog and clouds were rolling in making it hard to see. We traded Sally some pictures of the whale for a bottle of wine:) I think eventually she will post them on her website.

This was the baby whale, the mom was too far out to get a decent picture. They went pass us a couple times and then disappeared into the foggy waters. It was pretty cool.

This is such beautiful place to visit and a great place to do some wine tasting.


  1. What great pictures! Looks like a fun winery with so much to see as well as wine. Love wineries and wine tasting. We have quite a few here but we never go to them.

    Perhaps it's time to plan a girl trip? The ladies in my life would love that.

    Thanks for the suggestion! Didn't know you did that did you?

  2. WOW! Amazing pictures. Looks like you had such a wonderful time. Winery dates are SO much fun!! My husband and I love doing that

  3. again, gorgeous photos!! and now i want some wine :)
    i love visiting wineries. you just gave me an idea for an upcoming date day/night next month :)


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