Sunday, February 5, 2012

Moving Sucks!

Well folks we finally moved. Last week we started moving all our crap and last night was the first night here for Ryan and myself and earlier tonight we brought the boys home from my MIL's house. There is so much to do!

There is shit everywhere all over the place.

 Just when I get one area cleaned and cleared more shit reappears and I am exhausted. I don't recommend moving while pregnant. I am just thankful to have an awesome family to help out with the boys for the past few days, I would have never been able to get anything done with the boys around.  I know Ryan is exhausted also. He still has to work but will be able to catch up on sleep next week when he is on vacation.  And Tomorrow should be an interesting day trying to unpack and organize with Easton's little crazy butt around.

This is what the garage looked like last night. And actually this isn't even a good shot of all the crap everywhere. Ryan manage to get all of this cleared out. The garage is almost clean now. There is just some odd stuff laying around. I think he really wants to bring his Jeep home. It's been in his mom's garage for a little over a month now.

And I have to share some exciting news. Well it's very exciting to me. Cameron finally is going poop in the toilet! I guess he finally just got it. He doesn't complain that he is scared or it hurts. We are so happy, we can finally start to check out some preschools:)


  1. congratulations on the move!! (you crack me up!!) we talk the same :)
    and congratulations on cameron pooping in the potty! i know it was a tough journey <3

    wishing you some rest and time to take a breather!

  2. Man girl moving does suck and to do it when your prego not fun. Yeah for the poop!!! and congrats on the new pad


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