Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Party of Five.

So it's been a week already since my induction and we now have another sweet baby boy.

We arrived at the hospital ready to have a baby. It felt a little weird having an appointment to have a baby. We checked in and got admitted and around 7:30pm or so the nurses started the pitocin IV. I was already 4 cm and 70% effaced when we got to the hospital. The pitocin took forever to kick in. I really wasn't in any pain at all. Even once the contractions started coming it was like nothing compared to my labor with Easton. Finally the nurse said instead of prolonging the labor they would get the epidural started then break my water, so that's what they did. Once they broke my water the little guy was born about 3 hours later. This was the easiest labor and delivery for me out of the three. I only had to push for 10 minutes and through 3 contractions, so much easier than the previous two:))

On our way to the hospital.

Ready to have a baby:))

Taking a little stroll around the L&D floor. My butt and back were killing me from laying in bed.

Our sweet new baby boy.

We were expecting to be able to leave the hospital and go home on Friday but when they weighed him at midnight {they weigh all babies at midnight} he had lost 12% of his birth weight so we had to stay an extra day so they could watch him and make sure everything was good, which it was. His discharge weight was 8 lbs. 12 oz and his weight at his appointment Monday was 8 lbs. 14 oz. They are not sure why his weight went down so much and they said that it doesn't happen very often. He is good and healthy. So we were able to leave the hospital on Saturday....My birthday! My nurse brought me a little cupcake and piece of chocolate brownie cake, we took them home and had later that night for dessert.

Later that day these crazy kids came to visit.

 Easton "petting" Baby Bentley.

 At the end of the visit Cameron finally said he wanted to hold him:)

 Getting ready to get him all buckled up for the ride home.


  1. Happy Happy Birthday to you and Congratulations wowo 3 boys your going to rock mama. congrats again

  2. Aw! He is absolutely precious, and happy birthday to you! Congrats to your whole family on your new addition!

  3. YAY!!! I've been WAITING for this post FOR-EVER! He is super duper precious and look at you already looking amazing!! I'm so happy for you and your not-so-little-anymore family ;) Take care and be sure to ask for help whenever you need it!!! :)

  4. I've been checking multiple times a day for this post!!! Jess, he's so sweet. That's such a precious picture of Cam holding him. I can't wait to meet the newest Mink!!

  5. Jessica, CONGRATULATIONS on your new party of five!! i smiled when i came to your blog and saw the title of your post. i am teary eyed looking at all of your beautiful photos and memories from the past week. bentley is gorgeous and i LOVE his name.
    the happiness and love is shining through every single photo. the one of easton smiling from ear to ear says it all...him and cameron look like proud big brothers. bentley is one lucky babe.
    happy birthday to you!!!
    there couldn't be a more perfect gift. i hope that you're settling in and getting to every minute with your family.
    tons of love,

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  7. Jessica, he is GORGEOUS. What an adorable little face, that close up shot is to die for! Congrats to you and yours!


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