Monday, June 18, 2012

Baby Bentley.

Here are some more pictures of Bentley. They were taking forever to upload last weekend when we were in Tahoe, it must have been the internet connection because I had no problems uploading them this morning.

Aren't they just so precious?!

We never did the newborn pictures with Cameron or Easton and I wish we would have. They are just so stinking cute.

He was just a week old in these pictures. I can't believe he has already been here for a month. Time really does go by too fast. And today Ryan went back to work:( It was so nice having him home for a whole month. The kids woke up this morning asking for him. I suppose it will take a little bit for us to get into a regular morning routine. I think I might try and shower in a little bit when Bentley wakes up. Hopefully the boys will sit still on our bed and watch some TV and not mess around with Bentley or jump on the bed {which they often do while I am in the shower}. Good thing I can see them from the shower:)

I had to show this one again:))


  1. Ohmygoodness, Jessica!!! You weren't kidding when you said to wait for these! :) Bentley is amazing. I love his little hats and poses. He looks so peaceful and is so tiny! I just want to swoop him up and hug him! :)
    You have such beautiful boys!
    Wishing you luck with Ryan back @ work and hoping you're feeling well!

  2. How precious! Adorable hat but love the baby!

  3. These are amazing and way too cute. God has t been a month already?

  4. OH MY G-D!!! You weren't coming up in my feed and totally missed that you had the baby. I added you again bc I don't want to miss any updates. He is SO CUTE!!! Congrats!!!!! He is gorgeous!

  5. Found HIM!
    He is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Congrats again. How to choose a favorite??


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