Sunday, June 10, 2012


There are no dishes to wash, no clothes to fold and put away, no sweeping to do, no kids yelling and screaming, and no toys to pick up. There is just the sound of the TV {golf}  and baby Bentley snorting and breathing away. This is because we are just hanging out in our hotel room waiting for Ryan to get back from the casino. We are in South Lake Tahoe this weekend for a wedding. Cameron and Easton are with Grandma so we only have the baby with us.  The wedding is later today. A friend from high school is getting married. This is Ryan's childhood friend. We don't really get to him much or a lot of our other friends in this little circle, so yesterday it was nice to catch up with everyone and I am sure later at the wedding we will see more friends we haven't seen in awhile.

Its been a little tough getting on the computer these days. I had it out last night while Ryan was at the casino and I ended up falling asleep with it open right next to me on the bed. At night I have every intention to sit in bed and type up a little something but by the time I feed Bentley and get him to sleep once I closes my eyes I am out. I am missing all my favorite blogs. There are a couple I get via email so I stay update to date on those ones. I need to subscribe to more that way I at least get the emails and can read them from my phone. I rarely blog it from my phone.

We all are adjusting well to baby Bentley. It's a challenge for sure and it's going to get even harder once Ryan goes back to work in a week. I have no idea how I will make it through the day. So if anyone has any tips for a stay at home mom to 3 children.......please let me know:))

Here is a picture of Baby Bentley. I have a few more but its taking forever to download onto blogger. I will post the other ones soon:))
The day we were scheduled to be induced the neighbor behind had passed a note over to Cameron because her daughter and Cameron have been talking through the fence since we moved there. So she passed a little note introducing herself and said we should get together for a playdate so I passed one back explaining we were scheduled to have a baby later that day. Long story short she called me a week later offering to take some pictures of the baby, she is a photographer:)) This is my favorite picture out of them all. I think this is the picture we will use for his birth announcement.


  1. Welcome back. O my goodness what a little angel. Congrats again! Missing your post all is good here in bloggyland. I don't have 3 human ones but I do have 2 furry and a human which equals 3. I keep my wine fridge fully stocked at all Hang in there it will get better. Weather is amazing isn't?

  2. So Cute!~ We find out what we are having soon. Lets see, it has been 9 months, so I should think a glass of wine is in order for a Mother with all those kiddos. Just put them to bed first. Congrats again!

  3. Ahhh, Jessica, Bentley is amazing! The photo melted my heart...what a sweet little man! His hat is adorable! I will have to show Steve...he would appreciate the baseball theme. :)
    I'm glad you and Ryan got to enjoy a wonderful time @ the wedding. We want to visit Lake Tahoe in the next few years. We almost went this past winter. It looks so beautiful.
    I hope you and your boys are enjoying the weekend!
    Happy Father's Day to Ryan!
    Thank you for all your well wishes always!
    Lots of love

  4. Yep...just showed Steve...he said, "Omygoodness, that's adorable!" :)


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